About Us

Calendar Inc is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. In 2017, serial entrepreneur John Rampton had tested every Calendar out there before finally deciding to create his own.

“Over the past 10 years our phones have gotten more intelligent, our lives more complicated, and the speed of innovation is advancing faster than we can keep up with”
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Why Hasn’t Our Calendar Changed?

We simply couldn’t find a calendar that kept up with our busy lives so we set out to develop one that does. We interviewed over 500 different individuals about how they consume their calendar. Our team asked them everything. We spent over 1000 hours figuring out what makes their calendar tick. We did this so that we could make the most innovative calendar app on the planet.

The Calendar team includes individuals who share a passion for making the world a better, more enjoyable place. They are passionate about organization, punctuality, and balance. Through AI we make it possible for every person to make smarter decisions around their time. With the power of machine learning your calendar will become smarter day by day. About us illustration 1

A Calendar Solution for Everything and Everyone

Time management is the underlying fabric of daily satisfaction, setting and accomplishing goals, teamwork, and spending time with the ones we love. So we’re creating an opportunity to improve time management by synthesizing the data from your calendar use.

We’re building the foundational tool for your everyday life that improves your foresight across scales of time from the hour, up to the 10 year plan.

As such, it was this vision of improving lives led to the development of the Calendar app. Business of all sizes, including startups and freelancers to small business owners and large companies, have downloaded this scheduling app. It is available for desktop, iOS, and Android devices. To get your version, visit the Google Play and iTunes stores or download it here.

Content Delivery Adds Further Benefits

We do more than just develop technology. Hence, part of the company’s mission to ensure its customers achieve their own business goals.

The team knows there is value through leadership. Therefore, the team focuses on topics like time management and productivity. As a result, Calendar has numerous experts who share their insights with customers through the Calendar Blog. Additionally, Calendar shares content with numerous media platforms, such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Medium and more.

A Track Record of Innovation

Calendar is one of many innovative ideas from our team. In fact, the company founders have created many other business applications. These include time tracking, project management, invoicing and billing, and payments solutions. These small business tools integrate with the Calendar app for even greater productivity.

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