About Calendar

We tested out every calendar app on the market. We asked around. We interviewed people. Nobody seems to be happy with their calendar app. So we decided to build one. Meet Calendar, the future Calendar you’ve been searching for.

Why hasn’t our calendar changed?

We simply couldn’t find a calendar that kept up with our busy lives so we set out to develop one that does. We interviewed over 500 different individuals about how they consume their calendar. Our team asked them everything. We spent over 1000 hours figuring out what makes their calendar tick. We did this so that we could make the most innovative calendar app on the planet.

Calendar Team Values


Create an environment where our employees can have high performance.


Constantly evolve to deliver more value for our customers and to live up to our mission.


Treat others with trust and respect – Treat others how they want to be treated.

A Track Record of Innovation

Calendar is one of many innovative ideas from our team. In fact, the company founders have created many other business applications. These include time tracking, project management, invoicing and billing, and payments solutions. These small business tools integrate with the Calendar app for even greater productivity.

Our Team

The Calendar team includes individuals who share a passion for making the world a better, more enjoyable place. They are passionate about organization, punctuality, and balance. Through AI we make it possible for every person to make smarter decisions around their time. With the power of machine learning your calendar will become smarter day by day.
Abby Miller
Howie Jones
Content Support
Abhijeet Shinde
Front-End Developer
Amol Jadhav
iOS Developer
Suchita Gangurde
Back-End Developer
Aniket Chatarkar
Mobile Developer
Kirstie Sands
Social Media
Amit Jagtap
QA Engineer
John Hall
Franklin Manuel
WordPress Developer
Jennifer Rodriguez
Managing Editor of Content
Steve Gickling
Lokesh Barhate
Development Lead
Yenn Lei
Head of Engineering
Prajakta Nikumbh
Back-End Developer
Deanna Ritchie
Satish Borkar
Front-End Developer
John Rampton
Prashant Dahiwadkar
Front-End Developer
Makarand Patil
Front-End Developer
Vishnu Bhand
Back-End Developer
Tejas Chavan
Android Developer
Alexa White
Jon Bradshaw
Development Manager
Yogesh Hole
Back-End Developer
Megan Morton
Head of Product
Robert Overmann
Senior Editor
Nina Gass
Content Writer

Learn More About Calendar


Calendar will automatically transcribe each meeting so you don’t miss a single word.


As your organization grows, it becomes harder to manage processes. When it comes to your scheduling, we’d wager it hasn’t been updated in years.


Calendar intelligently categorizes project meetings to figure out the relationships between your plans and the people in your meetings.