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Your Calendar should store every event that’s important to you.

With Connected Calendar, you can import multiple (personal, work, family) calendars to automatically sync every happening you want to be present for.

Calendar is perfect for any person or business no matter if you’re starting off or have been around for awhile.

Is your company looking for peak efficiency?

How often do you try to coordinate meetings with multiple employees with multiple schedules? After a lengthy back-and-forth scheduling process, somebody cancels — meaning you need to reschedule, with no idea of when everyone is free. Calendar tells you participants’ availability across multiple connected calendars, helping you reschedule events with multiple attendees with ease.

Is your company in the launch phase?

By day, you work a 9-to-5 schedule to pay the bills. By night, you switch gears to develop a second career. You don’t want to give either effort the short end of the stick. Connect both your work and startup calendars without getting mixed up or missing a deadline.

Are you juggling multiple gigs?

We understand the struggle of balancing multiple gigs — you have to meet the demands of different projects, clients, and timelines. Having multiple connected calendars makes it easy to stay organized, never miss a scheduled meeting, and maintain rapport with every single one of your clients.

Are you managing others’ calendars?

If you’re an executive assistant who manages others’ calendars, Calendar is here to make your life easier. At the executive level, plans can change on the fly, and you need to act fast. Connect multiple executive Calendars to see an overlay of their availability.

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Are you simply hungry for some work-life balance?

People who never take a break — or never take time for the people and things that matter most — become less productive over time. “All work and no play” certainly does make us dull; also makes us less focused, less productive, and less enthusiastic. Calendar injects balance, ing personal and work Calendars so date nights, family vacations, and 5Ks never fall off your radar.


Calendar will continue to evolve as your needs and behaviors change to provide a suite of tools.


Calendar intelligently categorizes project meetings to figure out the relationships between your plans and the people in your meetings.
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