Calendar Analytics

See exactly where your time is going

Time is the most valuable asset we have, so it’s important to track and understand where, how, and with whom you’re spending your time.

It's estimated that businesses waste $37 billion on ineffective meetings every year.

With Calendar Analytics, you can see exactly how much time you’re investing in specific meetings or at certain places. You can track who you’re devoting time to.

Meeting Distribution

Lunch meetings, coffee chats, weekly stand-ups — we schedule our days around these various event types. Do you wonder which meetings take up the majority of your time? Meeting distribution allows you to visualize your time spent across each meeting type.

Coming Soon for Pro Users


It's estimated that 40 percent of employees waste up to 30 minutes each day searching for a place to meet. Calendar places analytics will give you a simple view of where your meetings are take place. Calendar will automatically recommend meeting locations when scheduling a meeting.


It's important to know how, but also with whom, you spend your time. Seeing the information in calendar analytics may make you come to the realization that you spend more time with Bob the intern than you do taking your spouse to dinner. Calendar people analytics will give you a breakdown of who you spend your time with.


Calendar will automatically transcribe each meeting so you don’t miss a single word.


As your organization grows, it becomes harder to manage processes. When it comes to your scheduling, we’d wager it hasn’t been updated in years.


Calendar intelligently categorizes project meetings to figure out the relationships between your plans and the people in your meetings.