Make the most of the present by reflecting on your past, and navigating a more informed future.

A dynamic calendar that helps you focus on what you need to do and assess whether those are in line with your priorities.

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Search and schedule from one place

Schedule using natural language

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Recognizes your teammates, splits internal and external meetings

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Keeps track of what projects you’re working on, and your meeting agendas

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Collaborate on team scheduling

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Real-time information

Focus on meetings themselves, not how to get there

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Accommodates shifting priorities and contextual buffer times

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Calculates times and best routes to your event location based on all modes of transport available

Integrates with

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Built-in priority system

Manage short and long term thinking

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Assigns reminders and notifications according to importance

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Categorizes and codes your events for seemless viewing

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Finds patterns from historical data to help you reflect on priorities