Calendar Contacts

See who you are spending time with each day.

Determine who is important in your life so you can understand where you invest your time and easily stay connected.

Our lives are filled with contact through work, family, friends, & social events.

With Calendar Contacts, you can easily manage and track connections as well as send meeting invites, introduces associates, and find a time on your calendar to spend with friends.

Fast Event Scheduling

Whether it's lunch meeting with a colleague, a catch-up over coffee with a friend, or an upcoming conference call with a client, you can use Calendar Contacts to spend event creation. Inviting guests only takes seconds now that your contacts are integrated with your calendar.

Coming Soon For Pro Users

As a Pro user, you'll soon be able to sync contacts across all your accounts. That means one centralised database for all your contacts across Channels like Google, Microsoft, Apple, iPhone, Android, Mac, PC, and more!


Calendar will continue to evolve as your needs and behaviors change to provide a suite of tools.


As your organization grows, it becomes harder to manage processes. When it comes to your scheduling, we'd wager it hasn't been updated in years.


Calendar intelligently categorizes project meetings to figure out the relationships between your plans and the people in your meetings.