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Get Calendar for Free

School and university faculty need to work on tight schedules and budgets to properly run their institutions. Calendar is here to save you time so you can give more back to yourself and the students.

Calendar will offer pro accounts completely free of charge to any qualifying educational institution.

Simple Scheduling with Students

We recognize and value that you want to help Calendar grow. That’s why we offer a highly competitive affiliate rate for every paid conversion you bring us.

Unlimited Referrals

Are you offering office hours? Tutoring sessions? Need to schedule a parent-teacher conference? Simply create event types for each of these meetings and stick your calendar link in the syllabus you hand out on day one. Even better, you can embed Calendar links for all your faculty directly on your institutions’ website for easy access. No more back and forth emails. No more confusion.

Teach Punctuality Through Smart Tools

Let’s face it. Youth and punctuality don’t go hand in hand. Calendar is here to fix that problem. With Calendar, students can manage and schedule deadlines, meetings, and events all in one place. No more excuses and no more late work. Everyone wins.

Does your domain end in .edu? Connect to Calendar now to automatically register your entire organization!

Wondering if your institution still qualifies for a free pro account? Contact us today to find out!

Smart Scheduling

There are much more effective ways for you to be spending your time. That’s why we’ve introduced Calendar’s Smart Scheduling solution.


Calendar intelligently categorizes project meetings to figure out the relationships between your plans and the people in your meetings.

Connected Calendar

Connect your GMail, Outlook Calendar, and other calendars in one place with just one click.
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