Smart Scheduling

Artificial Intelligence

There are much more effective ways for you to be spending your time. That’s why we’ve introduced Calendar’s Smart Scheduling solution.

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Businesses, on average, waste 4.8 hours per week scheduling meetings.

Think of what you could do with nearly five more hours per week: Finish a project. Meet with candidates. Develop new marketing collateral. Have 1:1 meetings with team members. Spend time with your kids. Get some extra sleep and exercise.

Create Events Types

Connect your Gmail, Outlook Calendar, and other calendars in one place with just one click.

One-on-One Scheduling

Easily schedule meetings with your meeting link. Back-and-forth emails about scheduling meetings are about to become a thing of the past. You can now schedule meetings through your custom Calendar link; you can even embed the link into your own website.

Multi-Person Scheduling

Easily schedule meetings with multiple people. Calendar allows you to simply send one link to every person who needs to be in the meeting. Calendar will only show the available times for every person involved. Calendar ensures you can easily book and reschedule meetings with multiple people with the click of a button.


When plans change, Calendar will automatically find and make a smart suggestion for the next best time for all attendees involved.

Automated Buffers

Calendar will automatically take travel time into account when scheduling in-person meetings, making smart suggestions to prevent you from being late to meetings.

Connected Calendar

Connect your GMail, Outlook Calendar, and other calendars in one place with just one click.


Calendar intelligently categorizes project meetings to figure out the relationships between your plans and the people in your meetings.

Smart Calendar

Calendar is your personal assistant, knowing many of your moves before you make them.
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