The aim of Calendar is to present you with the possibility of owning your own life and destiny through scheduling. 

With your online Calendar, everything comes together. Your work goals align, your plans fall into place, and you gain a vision of the whole of life. Your objectives and intentions are clearly defined.

No more scrambling to get your plans down on your Calendar or find an empty space for others. Trying to bring these together can sometimes take longer than the appointment itself.

Follow the Calendar Editorial Process

You can now skip the hassle, embarrassment, and exasperation of missed appointments, lost opportunities, inconvenient meeting times, and plans that are never made. 

We want to make scheduling faster, focused, and more productive — for you. We want to ensure that you have the time to meet and get together with those you choose. 

You’ll also learn exactly how to raise your productivity level bit by bit until your success meets your aspirations.

When you meet with someone — you’ll accomplish more than you ever have before. We teach you how to apply productivity as a principle of power. Your efforts won’t be wasted.   

Who Are We?

The team at Calendar includes technological support, staff writers, scientists, educators, Doctors, and freelancers who keep track of the newest and most consistent help and tools in the productivity arena. These writers and authors read and research the latest academic studies, and additional authorship on calendaring and productivity, and we even ask that they dip into the psychological whys and how-tos. 

Additionally, the team of writers searches for studies into workplace practices that have proven worth, and reliable information that gives procedural input into how to get more out of work hours. 

What does it take to build an effective team? How do you get things done?

We discover — and present to our readership — what it takes to build an effective team and get things done. We’re passionate about sharing all of our hard-earned findings with you because we truly feel that your success is our success. 

As we look for the latest research and newest strategies for making the most of our time on this planet — we go over the findings and verify sources. We work with those who have better ways to explain foundational and fundamental topics — and with them, we present the best to you, our clients. 

How We Do What We Do

We ask our talented writers to take a few moments before presenting their new content concepts and titles for review. Also, we ask them to check the newest updates and latest reports. We ask for any new products from technology firms that could benefit our clients. How can this product or process help our client? Have you examined the new product, or read the research from academics — what is your conclusion?

We have found our writers assessing studies by researchers and academics from the factories in southern China to the plethora of Startups in Silicon Valley. They have uncovered truths about the most efficient ways of working, and how to relieve work stress.

How do you make the most of your time at work and home?

The writers have presented information about how employees and executives are making the most of their time and producing the best products and services in the hours they have available. 

Our team looks at what other experts are producing and pulls out the lessons that everyone should be learning. These lessons are then presented in a capable and compelling manner that you can easily understand.

Where to find an industry expert?

Every industry is different. Every line of work has its challenges and its difficulties. If the industry is not understood, we consult an industry expert for help with applying a concept so that you can also garner the knowledge. 

The industries may vary — but how to gain an edge in that industry through the knowledge of applied productivity strategy — rarely is industry-specific. The information we take, study, and apply our productivity formula to leaves us with workable, actionable and reproducible processes. 

What Our Editors Do

Before a Calendar writer begins writing, we ask for their new content concepts and titles for review with a few sentences of article intent. These are okayed before writing begins. 

Naturally, with a Calendar product — we have to have articles that review dates on a Calendar — and that includes holidays and other dates that affect everyday life. 

How to stick with your Calendar.

Some of the information on Calendar will alert you when you have other days that require your attention besides work. We don’t want you unprepared for your daughter’s swim relays; let alone an essential holiday that you may need to address by next week. We consider these our “fluffy or fun” pieces, but we know celebrations can cause a blip in your screen-of-life, and we hope to alert you to the big ones. 

Upon receiving the okay for topic and concept, a writer proceeds to produce the article and they submit the article to the site. The site editor then begins the editing process. There are generally few typos or other such structural mistakes. 

The site editor begins review of the article by checking the links to make sure that these are linking to credible sources that augment the subject matter being presented. At this time, any broken link is found because all links are checked. 

Fact-Checking at its best.

Next, the site’s editors begin fact-checking. Too many far-fetched-fanatical facts have been uncovered and analyzed in the last year to last all of us a lifetime. Our site editors do not fear to make fast, decisive, and vicious slices to information that is erroneous.  

We aim to be correct and clear in our explanations and direction. We want an article that’s accurate, easy to read, and we want your time to be well-spent with us. 

Time is the one resource that every person and company burns through at the same rate every day. 

Lastly, at Calendar, we want to be a benefit to your life and business — we want to make sure that you’re making the most of the time you spend with us and our product.  

Contact Calendar

If you have a productivity problem that you haven’t been able to solve — please contact us and explain the issue in detail. We will set our expert research department on that topic — and search for answers. 


We believe productivity answers free the universe to perform its work. We are your resource for new answers in productivity research. 

For all productivity questions, comments, or answers we’ve missed — Contact us HERE

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