If you’re with marketers, you understand how critical it is to communicate with customers to increase client retention, customer engagement, and close sales.

However, carving out real one-on-one time may seem harsh, with even more on your to-do marketers list each day — even if you use outsourcing. That’s why it’s a good idea to brush up on the newest self-service solutions that may relieve you of time-consuming marketing duties.

1. Create a Wiki for Your Company

Because marketers don’t have unlimited time, I’m a strong supporter of a corporate wiki run by the employees themselves. The corporate wiki serves as a complete information hub, and everyone must maintain it up to date. This saves marketing time and energy by allowing employees to create and distribute the material.

2. Make use of cloud services

When a marketing team uses cloud services to communicate and share all materials, they can work quickly. Even online writing assistants may aid in enforcing the usage of specific terms or styles, ensure that the team employs consistent phrasing from the start, and avoid superfluous review cycles.

3. Make use of your company’s intranet

A powerful, easy-to-use workplace intranet is excellent, and a company intranet with self-service options is essential. Content may be scheduled to go online at specified times by marketing teams. By creating a document repository, other departments may have access to fact sheets, presentation materials, and other marketing-related assets.

4. Be aware of an automated humanistic approach.

Humanistic automation is a notion that recognizes that people prefer to speak with other humans rather than machines. Mixing self-service with human customer help aims to provide more humane components to conversations. Automating tasks like social media post-publication so you can spend more time connecting with your loyal consumers may have a significant effect on your company.

5. Become acquainted with systems

Begin to familiarize yourself with systems. As marketing and sales merge, more marketers are forced to modernize their customer relationship management systems. Marketers now understand the agony their sales colleagues have been going through for years, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Understand how to create automated systems for various use cases and utilize tools. For example, like Zapier. Save hours of the time marketers spend manually entering data.

6. Obtain the correct instruments

Work that does not need deep subject expertise should be digitized, automated, and outsourced. We employ platforms like Salesforce. HubSpot, ZoomInfo, Google Analytics, Albacross, Inspectlet, and others will automate and monitor key performance metrics. To save time and money, we also outsource activities like SEO, paid to advertise, and copywriting. Finding the right combination might free up time for you to spend in the market and directly with clients.

7. Create personalized videos

Make more targeted and intimate relationships using video on your own time and terms. It doesn’t take long to make a customized film or develop fresh beneficial movies for a group of people. For instance, personalized films have a significant effect and are completed on your timetable, but they’re also on time. With brief videos, you may reduce the back and forth of scheduling and the length of your interactions. Workflows may be automated in several ways.

8. Subset marketing

To enhance direct interaction time with people closest to converting, provide self-service as much as feasible. However, understanding friction spots or bulky flows, map your pipeline, and monitor each node. Above all, use light forms and strategically collect qualifying information. Create automated processes, drip campaigns targeted at specific stakeholders, and a follow-up cycle with booking prompts.

9. Create an automated campaign

Your best friend is automation! This may seem robotic, but with careful preparation, an automated campaign may engage people in a highly personal and successful way. There are three main methods for developing “thoughtful” automation. The first step is to visualize the target location. Second, make it a moving experience. As the focus of your text, use humor, inspiration, and education. Finally, keep the trip brief and to the point.

10. Educate your colleagues

Prepare your brand assets for use on an intranet. In addition, colleagues may access them throughout your organization. Educate your team on where and how to use brand assets like video clips, images, and typefaces so you can focus on delivering brand initiatives that reach important target demographics.

11. Make use of an automated platform

Using a marketing automation system may help you save time on administrative and monotonous activities. Content generation is critical to your marketing success, but it may suck up a lot of your time at work. For example, you may spend a lot more time working directly with your customers and clients if you automate these procedures so that you never have to publish, modify, or remark manually.

12. Make marketing templates and use them

One way to save time is to use templates. On the other hand, templates aren’t for everyone. Create a master asset marketing culture that internal and external stakeholders can leverage. This applies to everything, including brand assets, sales assets, presentations, events, retail, ad copy, and so on. Above all, Create an internal marketing agency. Subsequently, for often requested projects in multinational corporations.

13. Plan your content ahead of time

Make as many plans as you can ahead of time. After that, using a content schedule for social media or email marketing might help. Moreover, you can set it and free up vital time in your schedule if you make an effort to prepare it ahead of time. However, advertisements on social media and blog entries are two examples of excellent material you should arrange ahead of time.

Image Credit: Yan Krukov; Pexels; Thank you!