Everyone has off days now and then when they are working. Some days you end the day feeling like a superhero because of all that you accomplished. Other days you may feel like you are overwhelmed and failing miserably.

Those thoughts and feelings are normal. However, if you have more miserable days than days when you feel like a winner, you could try to change the balance. Here are 4 at home changes to make you more productive at work and end each day with a win.

1. Create “To Do” Lists a Day Ahead

Do you ever lay awake at night thinking about all of the things you need to do the next day? Most of us do at one time or another and if you are anything like me, you have too.

But there is a way you can reduce the number of sleepless nights and put your mind at rest. Try creating your “To Do” list at home a day ahead of time. This is one of the at home changes to make you more productive at work.

Working on your task list the day before allows you to add items that didn’t get completed or addressed that day. It may also allow you to wake more rested the next day because you won’t lay awake thinking about what needs to be done tomorrow. When you have those items recorded on a list you will sleep better which will enable you to get more done the next day at work.

2. Pre-Plan Your Meals and Wardrobe

There are other at home changes to make you more productive at work, too. For instance, you could plan your meals and wardrobe the night before.

Preplanning your clothes prevents you from wasting precious time staring into your closet to decide what to wear that day. Just look at a weather app on your phone the night before so you can lay out clothes appropriate for the next day’s weather.

When it comes to pre-packed lunches, why wait until you are rushed in the morning? Do as much as you can the night before so all you have to do in the morning is grab it and go.

Taking a few minutes out of your evening to prepare for tomorrow is a small sacrifice that can have big returns. When you eliminate the morning rush you start work more relaxed but ready to dive in without distractions. This helps you get more done in your day.

3. Pay Attention to Wasted Time

If you have trouble keeping up with household chores try paying attention to how you spend your time. Often when the hours fly by it’s because of time spent in front of the TV or looking at social media on your phone.

Even hobbies can rob you of time if you let them. Many people need a creative outlet to let off steam from work and that’s ok. But if you spend all of your time each evening on a hobby you aren’t getting other important things done that may need to be.

4. Eat Healthier Meals & Exercise

Another of the at home changes to make you more productive at work is to eat healthier meals and exercise. When you don’t take care of your nutrition and activity levels you are robbing yourself in many ways. Not only are you lowering your life expectancy you may be lowering your productivity as well.

Junk in usually equals junk out. That means if you eat nothing but junk food and sweets you aren’t going to feel good. You’ll feel sluggish and tired which will make you work slower. When your work slows down, so will your productivity.

Lack of exercise slows you down as well. When you exercise you are increasing oxygenation throughout your body. Increased oxygen flow pumps you up and invigorates you. This can help you work more productively.

As you can see, there are plenty of at home changes to make you more productive at work. Try a few of these changes to help you get more done every day.