You love running your online business, but sometimes you wonder if your productivity could be better. As online business owners, it’s great to be able to work from home (or anywhere) and avoid a hectic commute.

It’s also amazing to be able to set your own hours. Yet and still, it’s super easy to get distracted when you’re working independently. It’s easier to sleep in, take extra long lunch breaks, and get caught up on YouTube or social media for way too long.

Time is money and the less you get done, the less you can earn. When I was struggling with productivity while working from home, I considered going to an office coworking space. Here are some things you should consider before transitioning from your home office to a coworking space.

Coworking Costs And Isn’t Always Accessible

Coworking tends to be cheaper than renting out a private office but it’s still not free like working from home. If you have a home office, you can even deduct some of your housing expenses on your taxes.

The cost can vary depending on your needs, but most places have flexible rates and packages. Plus, there aren’t coworking options everywhere. I live in a larger suburb and there’s only one coworking office in my town and two others nearby.

If you don’t live in a large city or town, you may have trouble finding an office space and even then, it may be quite costly.

When I was looking at coworking spaces, I was considering having some office space and Wi-Fi for just a few days out of the month. There was a $99/month package that allowed 5 days of coworking per month. The unlimited monthly package was $265 per month.

You definitely have to have a budget when it comes to paying for coworking and make sure you’re getting a solid return on your investment.

There Are Fewer Distractions Away From Home

When you work in an office, there are usually fewer distractions. For some reason, I don’t feel the need to constantly check my phone or answer calls when I’m at my coworking space.

I don’t have the luxury of running into my kitchen and binging on snacks or playing with my cat. It’s also easier to stop multitasking since I’m away from home and all my responsibilities there.

I can focus better on the task at hand and since everyone else around me is working, it motivates me to be more productive as well.

It’s Still Not a Perfect Scenario

While having your own office space away from home can help you eliminate distractions and get more done, it’s still not a perfect solution for online business owners by far.

Having an office space away from home will help you separate work from your personal life, but if you don’t tend to work during regular business hours, you may still wind up doing a ton of work at home anyway.

You also might have to deal with a commute again whereas you could save time in that area by working from home. While networking will be easier in a coworking space, you might deal with brand new distractions that interfere with your productivity.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong choice. If you’re experiencing a little cabin fever and it’s causing a lull in your workflow, research options for coworking spaces with private office options in your area.

Determine how much you wish to spend, and see if you can get a 1-day or week-long free trial to try the space out. Most businesses will let you do this so you can get a feel for whether it’s right for you.

Do you visit a coworking space or have an office outside of the home? Why or why not?