Earlier in the year, I experienced one setback after another in my business and my personal life. It was so bad I decided to take a two-week break where I only did the bare minimum for my business.

Of course, I eventually had to snap out of this and get back to work. If you’re also experiencing something similar, here is how to re-organize your business after a series of setbacks.

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

As entrepreneurs, we tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves. I know I was feeling extremely guilty for practically taking two weeks off instead of working. I kept thinking, “You should be making money right now” or “How dare you take a Tuesday off?”

On the other hand, this is why I wanted my own business anyway – so that I could take a break when life happens and other things need my attention. So, in a sense, there is no reason to feel guilty.

There’s also no reason you should feel guilty for taking care of yourself. The work will be there when you get back. In fact, you’ll feel refreshed and be ready to re-organize your business after a break.

Talk to your team.

One thing that will help you re-organize your business after a series of setbacks is to speak with your team. For example, I got on the phone with my business manager and went through a list of leads. She handles the rest.

Even though I’m not technically doing the task, the fact that I know it’s getting done helps me feel more focused and like something is actually getting done. Additionally, that’s what your team is there for anyway.

Find new inspiration.

Another way to re-organize your business after a series of setbacks is to find inspiration. I personally always find new ways to be inspired by hanging out in the Facebook group for my group coaching program.

Even though I’m the teacher, I learn a ton from my students. Just recently, one of them reinvigorated me and lit a fire under my you know where. By the end of the meeting I was bursting with ideas that excited me.

Here are some other ways you can find some new inspiration as you re-organize your business:

  • Read or listen to inspirational stories.
  • Try something new.
  • Work from somewhere different than your usual office.
  • Allow yourself to be creative again instead of only focusing on clients.
  • Exercise or try a new fitness routine.
  • Change your morning routine.
  • Go on an adventure in your local area.

The reality is there is no shortage of ways to find new inspiration when you need it. Additionally, getting excited about something will give you the momentum you need to re-organize your business.

Get organized (literally).

The last step in the quest to re-organize your business after a series of setbacks is to literally get organized. Look at your calendar for the upcoming month, figure out what needs to get done and break it into smaller steps. This will make the whole process of getting re-organized seem less daunting.

The truth is there will be moments in your business when everything seems like a whirlwind. There will also be moments when you need to take a step back. That’s okay. Just make sure to use these tips when you’re ready to jump back in the game.