As the weather turns nicer and the birds start to sing it makes working indoors feel a bit confining. You may long to spend time in the great outdoors and soak up a little sun.

It’s similar to what school children experience when they get spring fever. Their feet dance under their desks and they almost itch to get outside and have fun. They almost can’t wait until school is out so they can enjoy the sunshine and play all day long.

But the problem for most adults is that there’s no summer break to a full-time year-round job. Even if you are restless at work there’s still work to be accomplished and a paycheck to earn.

Luckily there are some ways you can beat workplace spring fever and still be productive.

1. Let the Sun In

Now that warmer days are more frequent, embrace them to beat workplace spring fever. Open the blinds or curtains and let the sun in. It’s a simple act. Nevertheless, it can make you almost feel like you actually are working outside.

The natural light fights SAD, or seasonal affective disorder, for those who struggle with it. Additionally, even if you’re not a SAD sufferer, your energy will increase as well as your work efficiency.

2. Air Out Your Space

Letting in the light isn’t the only way to beat workplace spring fever. You could also combat it by airing out your space. Open a window or two and even a door if it’s possible.

Of course, if you have co-workers you should check with them first. Some could have allergies that worsen by opening windows. In that case, try working near a window instead if you can. That way you might still catch a few of the sun’s rays while being more productive.

3. Take a Break Outside

Take a break outside to when you’re feeling shut in. At work when break time arrives, walk around in the sun for a couple of minutes.

Another idea is to eat your lunch outside on the grass or at a nearby park. Toss an old blanket in your car so you can turn lunch into a picnic.

Next, walk for a bit if you have the time. The fresh air and exercise will invigorate you and boost productivity once you get back to work. What’s more, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to continue with your day.

4. Bring a Live Plant to Work

To beat workplace spring fever, bring a live plant to work. Once again, you should be considerate of co-workers and check about allergies first. However, adding a live plant or fresh flowers can perk you up.

As your momentum increases you’ll get more done in your day. The time will fly by until the work day is done and you can head for the great outdoors.

5. Start Your Day Earlier

Try planning ahead to start your day earlier and beat workplace spring fever. When you get to work early you may be able to take a longer lunch period. Another possibility is to also end your day sooner so you can get outdoors and enjoy the nice weather.

Spring fever isn’t just for kids. Adults get the urge to be outdoors too. Fortunately, you can beat workplace spring fever using these ideas or other similar ones. They’ll help you to be more productive while still enjoying the season and the sun.