Success in life can be defined in many ways, however many people describe it as a long road with all kinds of sacrifices. But from my own experiences, I’ve come to learn that this isn’t the case.

It is possible for us to be redefining success and how to achieve success. It all comes down to something called the Full Life Framework, a concept that I learned from Leon Ho, an entrepreneur and the founder of Lifehack – a site devoted to self-improvement.

His passion for self-improvement is extensive as you can tell through the comprehensive framework he created. After looking it over, I truly believe it’s possible for people to thrive.

Here is how the Full Life Framework can assist you in achieving success in life.

What Is The Full Life Framework?

Before understanding why you need it, it does help to know more about what this framework is. In this framework, it encompasses 5 simple life principles that Leon has tested and determined to be crucial to living a full life.

From those principles, he has created various courses to explain in great detail and to help people achieve the same results – unlocking hidden potential and a direction for them to go in life.

These principles are as follows:

  • Having life missions
  • Compromising the method over the mission
  • A progressive mindset
  • Gaining self control in life
  • Leveraging life multipliers

These principles are coincidentally the reasons you need the Full Life Framework.

Strong Foundation Through Life Missions

One of the ways it guides you is through life missions. A life mission can be all kinds of things, such as fulfilling a goal or a desire. It doesn’t matter which area the desire leads you in, however it’s something that’s rooted to your own sense of self.

Every person has life missions, they’re just buried deep in our subconscious minds. All that you need to do is take control of that and recognize what makes you tick and get out of bed to do that.

The Full Life Framework helps in identifying these life missions and pulls you into the direction you want to go in life.

No More Sacrificing

One of the strongest reasons I think the Full Life Framework is needed is the fact sacrifices aren’t necessary. Leon created this framework on the basis of this reasoning as well and I think that’s amazing.

For years, he lived his life thinking he had to make sacrifices in certain areas of his life in order to live the life he wants. That thought process changed dramatically when he hit several roadblocks in his relationships and health.

The truth is, his life decisions back then aren’t so different from many others, myself included. It’s understandable as most of us think that in order to take up new habits, we have to forgo something else.

The Full Life Framework removes that way of thinking and provides you with a foundation to identify the right skills and the right mindset to develop.

A Progress-Oriented Mindset

Another thing this framework teaches is that there is no winning or losing. For many, they’re programmed this way and as such have developed a fear of losing. All in all, that mindset deprives us of the opportunity for true growth.

TheFull Life Framework helps you to care less about success or failure and focuses on progress. As long as you are growing, in any way, you’re succeeding. It then takes that logic and applies it to your life.

Stronger Control Over Your Self

Having self control is essential and goes hand in hand with the progress-oriented mindset. You can’t just think in terms of progress or try to brute force it. You’ll want to be looking for consistent action and motivating yourself.

But you’ll also need to go a step farther because sheer willpower isn’t the way to success long term.

You need self control systems in place as these systems often allow you to program certain thinking processes that lead to routines in your life. This is the big difference between top performers and mediocre ones. One makes their habits and their success part of their life through these systems.

For example, meditation is now a big part of my life and I consider it crucial to my success. I routinely meditate now and I reap the benefits of it passively. Others on the other hand are still stuck thinking meditation is only for certain religious groups or that you have to be in specific poses for it to work. These reasons lead people to never adopting the habit.

Leveraging Success Through Life Multipliers

The final reason is life multipliers. This is a core life skill that lets you leverage everything you’re building and grow it at a faster pace than ever before. These multipliers are crucial now more than ever since life is filled with all kinds of distractions.

The Full Life Framework reveals these life multipliers and shows you how you can be leveraging the most in your life. They can bring foundational skills along with your confidence, abilities, and effectiveness to higher levels.

Final Thoughts

This framework has been tested time and again and is a highly effective tool in helping people live a full life. Even though success doesn’t happen overnight, this framework does provide you with the ground work to speed up the process to become successful one night.