You might be starting to focus on the upcoming holiday season and all that you have to do with family arriving, gift giving, and holiday entertaining. However, you still need to run your business, complete your freelance projects, or do your team member tasks. That means improving your productivity.

12 Days Productivity Infographic

That’s why we made this 12 Days of Productivity infographic for you. This infographic is designed to keep you focused on everything you must get done before the holidays arrive. Also, you can use it as a guide in 2018 to be more productive in everything you do.

12 Days of Productivity

These are easy-to-implement, simple habits that can make an extraordinary difference in how much you can accomplish. Plus, many of the productivity tips are designed with your health and wellness in mind.


Day 1 gets you moving and up from your desk. The more breaks you take, the more you actually get done. That’s because the brain can only focus for a limited time before it starts to wander. You’ll not only re-focus your mind, but you will also get that blood pumping.

Automation and Delegation

Day 2 focuses on letting things go rather than sticking to your control freak ways. This can be done by automating certain work or, at the very least, delegating some of it off your plate and onto someone else’s.


Day 3 prioritizes what needs to be done. Rather than taking on everything, focus on just a couple key things to get done each day.


Day 4 involves doing a better job at leveraging the technology you are using. That means taking advantage of more of the features and tools offered. You can also read up on tips and tricks that provide other ways of using these tools.

Phone Calls

Day 5 encourages you to think about how you spend your time on phone calls. This can be a time sucker if you don’t pay attention and schedule these calls during a certain point in the day when your other work has been accomplished.

To-Do Lists

Day 6 calls for trimming that to-do list down. Otherwise, you become overwhelmed and get nothing done.

Critical Data

Day 7 has you hone in on just the information you need to accomplish those things you have prioritized. We are all hit with significant amounts of information each day to the point where it can feel like we are drowning. Sift through it to get to only the data you need.

Fresh Air

Day 8 encourages you to get outside and take in that fresh air. Like the movement listed on Day 1, this outside break gives you a different perspective and stimulates your brain to get back to working smarter.

Batch Tasks

Day 9 is about batching tasks together rather than multitasking. You’ll find that combining work rather than doing many separate things has you completing more than you have ever done before.

Recurring Tasks

Day 10 gets you to think about what type of recurring tasks you have each week. Look for technology that can address these recurring items so you can either automate them or find a way to consolidate the work.


Day 11 has you reorganizing your office, desk, and devices to think about the best way to find what you need each day. Make sure everything has its place so you can reach for it without wasting time hunting it down.

Reflection and Assessment

Day 12 is about taking the time to reflect and assess how these changes helped you become more productive as well as what you could still do to make further improvements.

Ongoing Improvement

To learn even more about these 12 days of productivity and how to more within the time you have each day, week, and month, check out our infographic below. Also, be sure to check out the Calendar app to learn how this tool can enhance your productivity during these 12 days and into the New Year.