Once in a blue moon, I hear complaints from individuals who say they are working hard but aren’t seeing any results in business. They claim they are doing everything, but nothing is happening.

Now, I’ve been in this game long enough and have coached enough business owners to see the pattern here. For example, I know people will get results in business if they put in the work I advise because I’ve had so many clients and students succeed. In these cases, I’ve noticed there are certain principles that ensure they are successful.

So, if you are struggling with seeing results in business, here are a few reasons why that may be. Please note that once you are aware of the issue, you can go fix it.

You aren’t working as hard as you say you are

Yup, I said it. Often times when people complain they aren’t getting results in business it because they aren’t working that hard.

I’m not going to sugar coat it for you. Running a business is hard work. This is especially true in the beginning when you are getting things off the ground. If you’re sitting there complaining that you aren’t seeing results but you’re also only working four hours a day, then I’m going to say you aren’t putting in the time required to make this a success.

Your attention is split across too many different things

I recently had a conversation with a student who wasn’t yet seeing results in business. Throughout the conversation, I also noticed she had multiple projects going on.  If they were related then I wouldn’t have had a problem with it, but for the most part all these different side projects had nothing to do with one another.

Guess what that means? It means she’s not focused. Her attention is split across way too many things. Therefore, instead of doing one or two things really well and making money that way, she is only half showing up to each thing.

This can also look like not working on the right things. Remember, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. For example, I can help people budget, but it’s not a service I offer. Why? Because I’m much better at teaching people how to make more money.

You’re too busy focusing on the negative

One thing I notice among my most successful students and clients is they don’t give themselves a whole lot of time to feel pity for themselves. In fact, they barely get emotionally attached to results.

Don’t get me wrong, they acknowledge when they are disappointed or when something doesn’t work, they just don’t wallow in it. Instead, they take the lessons, find new opportunities and do better next time.

I also usually see the reverse of this. Those that aren’t seeing results in business are usually very emotional about some failure they experienced. As such, they need to learn to not get so attached to things so they can move forward and make money.

Final Thoughts

You can get results in business quickly, but only if you’re actually putting in the work, you’re focused and you aren’t letting your emotions get in the way. By following these three principles, you can be just as successful as some of my students.