I have a busy schedule. I’m sure you’re busy too. Because of this, it’s easy to let important things like our own wellness into our calendars. The downside of this is if we’re not taking care of ourselves, then it’s likely that we don’t feel well. If we don’t feel well, then we don’t have the energy to make money. Not to mention that not taking care of ourselves now can end up being far more expensive later.

Now, I can already hear you saying you just have too much going on. I get it. While writing this, I’m in the middle of a major influencer campaign for a client. I also have deadlines for editors and I’m trying to get ahead before flying out of town next week. Oh, and I am committed to an online event for Financial Literacy Month. Yet, I’m still exercising and finding the time for my own wellness. Here’s how.

Realize that the hard grind is temporary.

I have an extra busy schedule this week. Is it always like this? No. And I try to remember that whenever I attempt to find excuses. The truth is I will be in the Catskills on a retreat next week, so I can rest then.

It just so happens that I have a lot going on this week. And you know what? That’s okay. It happens sometimes. It all ebbs and flows and we need to remember that.

Get up earlier.

This week, I’m attempting to get up a little earlier than usual so that I have time to meditate before getting to work. I find that meditation really helps expand time when I have a busy schedule.

While it’s a bit of a sacrifice because I love to sleep, I know that my life just doesn’t work when I’m not taking the time to meditate. I also know that I’m far more reactive and susceptible to making the wrong moves when I’m not replenishing my mind.

Say no to things you really can’t do.

I have two invitations to conferences going on this week sitting in my inbox. Am I going to either of them? No. Quite frankly, I don’t have time. Additionally, neither seem to be that important to my current business goals.

Rather than overloading myself because I’m suffering from business FOMO, I’m focusing on my own wellbeing instead. The last thing I want when I have a busy schedule is more stress that could have been avoided.

Give yourself an incentive.

Because I’m also trying to get my exercise regimen back on track, I signed up to do 10 SoulCycle classes for charity. All the money being spent on those classes is going to a scholarship program they have for inner-city adolescents. They are also giving out prizes.

This works for me because I really do enjoy a challenge. Furthermore, knowing that I’m helping someone gives me the incentive to show up. Is it easy to do this when I’m traveling for a week and up to my eyeballs in client work? No. But knowing that it’s going toward something good is giving me motivation.

Final Thoughts

I’m not going to lie and tell you that taking care of yourself is easy when you have a busy schedule. We all know it’s not. What I will tell you is that if you prioritize your wellness, everything else will fall into place.