How important is it to increase staff happiness? In this day-in-age, employees expect more from a workplace than they used to. Gone are the days that people get a job, and settle there for the rest of their lives. It’s critical to ensure that your employees are happy so they do better work and want to stay working for you.

Plus, when employees are happy you’ll begin to see a noticeable difference. In a study done on employee happiness it revealed that 36% of employees would actually give up $5,000 a year in salary if it meant they were happier at work. 

So what are some ways you can increase staff happiness? Here are some things to think about.

Make employees feel valued

Encouraging your employees and praising them when appropriate seems like a no brainer but it’s something that often falls to the side.

When employees do a good job, let them know that they are valued by acknowledging it. This can be as simple as bringing up their achievement in a team meeting, to giving them a gift card to go out for lunch or an extra day off.

When employees feel like they are valued, they will be more motivated than when they feel they are doing a great job and no one is noticing. 

Encourage work-life balance

Have you ever worked somewhere where people are in the office well beyond 5pm, or working over their lunch breaks but no one says anything to them about this? In many jobs you may be required to work overtime, but if this becomes a regular habit, it isn’t encouraging the employee to have a life outside of work, which can eventually lead to unhappiness in their workplace and life.

Encourage your staff to have a work-life balance by acknowledging when and if they are working overtime. Encourage them to get up from their desk and take breaks. Be understanding when they have a commitment outside of work to go to like their child’s play, or an appointment. 

Involve them in the big picture

Employees want to feel they are contributing to the broader goals of the organization. It gives meaning to the work they are doing. Making employees feel like you or leadership teams are making all the decisions and they’re just the minion executing it doesn’t engage them or make them passionate about their work.

Instead, make them feel like their opinions and skillsets are valued in decision-making. Help them feel that the work they are doing is meaningful. 

Don’t forget about culture

It doesn’t matter what the size your company is. A healthy and happy workplace culture will ensure that your employees are happy and make them feel appreciated. Make your workplace a place that people want to come into everyday. This can be through the way people are encouraged to interact with one another in the office. Help by organizing team lunches and providing benefits and perks to the job.

It can also be just in the way you treat your staff. Ensure that they have what they need to be successful. Help them feel comfortable to come talk to you when they don’t.

So don’t forget the importance of your staffs happiness. It’s not all about just getting work done. More about ensuring they love the work they’re doing and are just as passionate about the company as you are.