I recently got invited to a business retreat that is taking place later this year. While I’ve always attended conferences, business retreats are new for me. However, I now make it a point to attend one at least once a year.

The problem is you need to make the time for one. Business retreats are usually a few days and most entrepreneurs will tell you they can’t take that kind of time off. I’m here to tell you that you can, you just need to plan properly.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Attend Business Retreats

Let’s face it, sometimes we get stuck in the minutiae of having a business. In other words, we get stuck working in the business instead of on it.

It’s ironic, but we actually need to leave our businesses to actually work on expanding them. Often times, this looks like going to a secluded location where you can actually think and aren’t bothered by distractions.

I know because I’ve experienced it. I attended a business retreat last year and walked out with a new funnel. By the end of the year, my business was grossing five-figures a month. Had I not taken the time and space to create this, it wouldn’t have happened.

If you’re ready to start investing in business retreats, here’s what you need to know to make them happen

Plan ahead

The first step in making time to attend a business retreat is to plan ahead. You typically know about retreats months in advance anyway, so this isn’t too hard.

For example, this year I’m attending a business retreat that’s taking place in May. That gives me plenty of time to prepare my business for the fact that I will not be available for a week.

Always have a savings account for stuff like this

I have a separate savings account for “travel” related expenses. This comes in handy when the opportunity to attend a business retreat presents itself out of the blue.

Sometimes I have to pull from this account and sometimes I don’t, but it’s nice to know the money is there anyway. Quite frankly, there is nothing worse than getting presented with a cool opportunity and not having the money for it.

Let your team take over

Part of the reason why it’s so important to build a team is so that you can take time off. That’s right, it’s not all about being more productive or making more money. Those things are great too, but there’s a lot of value in taking a step away from the business. Having a team that can handle things when you’re gone makes it easier to do so.

Make a plan for after the retreat as well

The final step in making time for a business retreat is to leave some space for after the retreat. You’ll likely be reinvigorated, but you’ll still have to deal with daily tasks and duties of your business.  That’s why you need to make sure you set aside time to implement the things you worked on while you attended the retreat.

Final Thoughts

Business retreats are worth the time and money. By planning ahead, delegating and always having some cash on hand, you’ll have no problem making the time to attend one.