Mark your calendar: Summer is here, and with it the hot sun and high temperatures. Sweat and blazing pavement are simply part of the season. I, for one, am hoping this summer will help us move past the Covid-mess a little better. But, if you still have to stay indoors — here are ten summer activities for your online calendar.

Summer isn’t for everyone. Fortunately, there are all sorts of fun, summer-friendly activities you can do indoors.

Fill Your Calendar With Indoor Summer Fun

Here are 10 activities that you can do this summer that don’t require you to slather on the sunblock:

Indoor Sports

For those who want to stay active without baking in the summer sun, there are plenty of indoor sports you can add to your online calendar. Send invitations to teammates a few days in advance to avoid surprises when you show up to play. A few favorites include:

  • Pickleball

This game is akin to ping-pong, but it’s played on a scale similar to tennis. Paddles are smaller than tennis racquets, and players use a wiffle ball with less bounce than a tennis ball. Pickleball is an indoor game that can be played on any hard floor.

  • Racquetball

Racquetball, another variant of tennis, takes place in a small room in which you bounce the ball off the walls. The game is fast and exciting, so be sure all players are wearing protective eye gear.

  • Basketball

While playing basketball outdoors is common in the summer, it can wipe you out. If you find yourself struggling to play in the heat, why not take it inside?. Basketball courts are commonly found in schools, gyms, and even churches. Odds are good that you’ll find free access to a court in your community.

  • Futsal

Futsal is essentially indoor soccer played anywhere you can set up two goals. Unfortunately, indoor soccer fields are less common than indoor basketball courts because they’re expensive to build. Thanks to their open, hard floors, basketball courts can also work for futsal games.

  • Swimming

You don’t need a beach to swim in the summer! An indoor swimming pool is a great place to get some exercise and enjoy one of summer’s most popular activities in controlled conditions. If you want to swim some laps, find a large pool with lanes to really squeeze in some cardio.

2. Board and Card Games

Tabletop games are a fun way to pass the time no matter the weather. The sun through an open window can make it feel like summer without baking you to a crisp.

There are endless board and card games you can play with your family and friends. Your online calendar can help arrange a game night. Use collaboration features to figure out what time is best and what game everyone wants to play.

3. Genealogy

Learning about your family history can be a lot of fun. DNA testing makes it easy to identify your roots, while public archives have all sorts of documents to help you connect the dots.

With that said, genealogy is a lot of work: Use your online calendar to plot out campaigns. You might, for example, block off a week to spend on each of your fourth grandparents’ branches. Don’t forget to schedule a session to share what you’ve learned with other members of your family.

4. Classes and Workshops

Do you want to learn a new skill or hobby this summer? Whether you want to be a yogi or the next Van Gogh, add some classes to your online calendar. Check with your community college, and look online for workshops that you might be interested in.

Challenging yourself by learning new skills has a lot of benefits. You can forge friendships, discover hidden talents, or find new opportunities to grow. Enable notifications in your calendar so that you never miss a class.

5. Trips to the Library

Even though school is out, your kids can continue learning during the summer. Trying to take on the role of teacher can be a handful, so turn to your local library for assistance.

Not only can you check out books, but many libraries let you access videos and TV shows at no charge. Plus, many of them host summer activities, from scavenger hunts for kids to coding camps for adults. Like workshops and classes, these are great ways to make friends and learn a new skill.

6. Arts and Crafts

With the help of your online calendar, you can scratch your creative itch with ease this summer. Choose a medium you’ve always wanted to explore. Maybe you love to paint, or perhaps a woodworking project is just the ticket.

The best thing about arts and crafts is that you make the rules. You can be as messy or organized as you want. You can spend an hour, a day, or a whole month on a project.

What’s important is that you’re deliberate: Use time-blocking to devote enough time to each project, without worrying about it eating your life.

7. Cooking and Baking

Summer is known as grilling season. The trouble is, grilling makes an already hot day even hotter.

Who says you can’t have kitchen fun indoors this summer? Master your hamburger game, learn to bake your own bread, or try culturing your own yogurt. Test your limits, and don’t be afraid to make your family the guinea pigs. Nobody says no to a home-cooked meal.

Summer is also a great season to get into the habit of planning your meals. Use your online calendar to track days on which you need to cook, and those for which you’ll already have food prepared.

8. Movie Nights

Many parks host summer movie nights, but who wants to be eaten by bugs when they’re trying to enjoy a film? Instead, host a movie night at home. Send out invitations, and stock up on popcorn and candy in advance.

Movie theaters often host summer specials. Cheap matinee tickets provide the classic movie experience for a lower cost, all while you stay cool indoors. Add movie times to your calendar for reference, and remember to call ahead about COVID-19 protocols you may need to follow.

9. Museum Tours

Chances are, your city has a few museums that you can visit. Whether you’re a history buff or an art fan, museums make it easy to explore a subject in an afternoon. And because theme parks are such popular summer destinations, many summer tours can be purchased at a discount.

Again, it’s important to call ahead. Some museums have substituted virtual tours for the in-person experience due to COVID-19. Don’t assume you’ll enjoy the experience any less from the comfort of your own home.

10. Indoor Camping

Summer is a popular time for camping, but the creepy crawlers and odor of woodsmoke aren’t for everyone. Why not build a blanket fort in your living room?

Plan a campout using your online calendar just like any other. Work on your whittling skills. Make s’mores in the kitchen. Tell stories by flashlight. It’ll be just as fun as the real thing, and frankly a lot more comfortable.


The main thing here is: don’t let the sun beat you down. There are tons of activities you can do this summer that don’t involve getting burnt to a crisp. So crank up the A/C, fill your online calendar, and enjoy the season indoors.