Avoid Burnout

Burnout is a common symptom of working around the clock without any breaks. No matter how passionate you feel about your business, everyone can reach that point where they are beyond tired — even company founders and CEOs. Recently, Fast Company asked nine CEOs for their advice on preventing burnout.

Of those asked, Calendar’s John Halll provided his insights on how to prevent burnout. His tip was to avoid toxic people at all costs. As he noted, “Surrounding yourself with amazing, supportive people is key. I’ve had people come down hard at me and my team during board meetings [and] that has caused burnout not only for me, but others. Now I know the best thing to avoid burnout is remove toxic people [from] my professional life.” 

There are many other good tips offered by other CEOs in the article to help avoid situations that create chronic stress like toxic people. Check it out by reading the entire article here.