We, at Calendar.com are honored to be featured on Lifehack.org as one of the Best Calendar Apps. How you feel, the success of your day — and your productivity plays out will always be conditional on the quality of your tools. Motivation will move you along quite well — planning is clutch — your to-do list may save you. But, your digital tech solutions are invaluable.

A Calendar application is the main tool worth using to organize your life and keep your plan straight

As stated in the Lifehack.org article, a Calendar application is the main tool worth using to organize your life and keep your plan straight. Yes, there are all types of Calendar apps available — and you don’t need to sift through hundreds of them. Check out the article.

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Keep Track of Your Best Calendar App

The Calendar app is relatively new and works well as a web app and for iOS and Android devices. The app learns your contacts, schedule and tasks. The Calendar app will help you schedule meetings according to your available time slots. No more calling and emailing back-and-forth a million times. The Calendar app takes care of all the back-and-forth for you — then presents you with your schedule.

We love that Calendar gives you analytics of your meeting and notes of what was discussed. You can always see directly just how you can improve your time management at work and at home.

What you really want in a Calendar app

  • Be sure to pick a good User Interface — this helps you navigate the app and needs to be smooth and simple.
  • Syncing — Make sure you have a great syncing app. You want your app to easily sync your other calendar apps. You want this sync to happen in a way that enhances your overall experience.
  • Features — You’ll find the options and features you are looking for on Calendar. We are here to provide you with a continuous and fluid adaptation to your life.

See how to Download Calendar — Along with the Meeting and Scheduling

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