MSN named Calendar as best overall calendar app available. It surpasses the commonly used Google Calendar and Outlook.

The calendar app was designed to enhance time management for the entrepreneur and small business owner. Now, users can put their business and personal lives in one place. That means a business owner can see every appointment and event at one time.

Other benefits of this calendar app include ease of use, calendar sharing, and the ability to designate who sees what events and meetings on a user’s calendar. Overall, this provides a much greater level of control over a schedule and time spent on various activities.

Additionally, MSN noted that Calendar app and web versions both use machine learning. Therefore, this calendar platform learns each user’s schedule and lifestyle so that it can take over scheduling and rescheduling. Having this AI-enabled assistant means less time spent on email chains and decisions about meeting times.

Finally, Calendar won this coveted award because it doesn’t make a user give up any other calendars that they or their team members use. Instead, the calendar app integrates all the major calendars like Google Calendar, Office 365, and Yahoo Calendar. Plus, it offers integration with other small business tools.