Launching your business can be exciting, but it can also be very time-consuming and require a ton of attention – even afterward while running the business.

You’ll have to become more intentional with how you manage your time and say no to some things in order to focus on reaching you goals. Here are 4 things successful business owners often say no to in order to improve their bottom line.

1. Television

I constantly hear that watching copious amounts of television can be a waste of time and it’s very true. To put it simply, I was listening to a radio show from a guru in my niche and he said: “Successful people don’t know who got voted off the island because they are busy focusing on other things.”

This is so true because when you think about not having enough time to work on your business, you have to look at where you’re spending your spare time. T.V. can be great for entertainment sometimes, but if you’re watching 3 hours per day, that’s 15 hours from Monday – Friday that you could spend working on your business.

If you want a successful launch and better systems to continue running your business, you’ll need to cut down on T.V. time.

2. Distractions

Common distractions like phone calls, pop up notifications, social media, and spam email can all hold you back from meeting your entrepreneurial goals. It’s important to identify your most pressing distraction then weed them out so you can be focused and productive.

Find out what time of day you feel most motivated and energetic to work then create a distraction-free zone to start knocking things off your to-do list.

3. Work For Exposure

When you’re just starting out, it’s tempting to do work for free to establish your brand and get some referrals. There’s nothing wrong with this, but don’t take it too far or your business won’t grow.

It’s important to know where to draw the line when it comes to working for exposure. Free speaking gigs, free or discounted products and services causes you to give away your best and move valuable resources for “maybes” and “what ifs”.

If you must, do one or two freebies, then start attaching a price to your work. This will also help others take you more seriously as well.


FOMO stands for fear of missing out, and you can’t have this when you’re working hard to launch and grow your business. While you should always prioritize self-care, there may be things you used to do that won’t fit into your schedule for the moment.

You may find yourself at home on Friday nights working on your launch instead of at happy hour. You may have to forego a vacation or two while you build up revenue and help onboard a team. You don’t have to make your social life miserable, but there may be some sacrifice involved for the time being while you get things off the ground.

The key is to remain focused and surround yourself with people who can understand and support your vision. Then when all the hard work is done and the right systems and processes are set in place, you can through yourself a huge launch party to celebrate your success with friends and loved ones.

Have you ever had to say no to any of these things for your business?