As adults, many people complain that they don’t have fun like they used to. Between work, raising children, or financial stress, it’s no secret that being an adult can be hard. However, one could argue that means grown-ups deserve to have some fun.

Some people complain they don’t have enough time for activities anymore. However, adults need their time off to relax and enjoy themselves, too. That doesn’t mean you’re working any less than the next person out there. Sometimes, all it comes down to is getting better at making plans. Aligning your schedules as a group can be the missing puzzle piece for planning a great night out.

Believe me, if you come up with something that is interesting enough — your friends will come. And if you are in charge of having team-building activities in your company — many of these suggestions will work for team-building — and often, the boss/company will pay for these activities. But you’ll love these for adult family gatherings too.

However, sometimes it’s hard to come up with ideas for activities that all your friends will enjoy. After all, everybody has their own interests and versions of “fun.” So, here are 9 ideas for adults to try out for your next group activity.

1. First, Sync Your Schedules

Before you can do any successful planning, make sure you know when everyone is available. One of the common frustrations of getting together as adults is that everyone has a busy schedule. That might be the case, but it could also be a product of bad planning. If you have access to each other’s schedules, you’ll be able to plan get-togethers more successfully.

The best way to approach syncing everyone’s calendars is to use a scheduling software. There are tons out there, so pick whichever one suits all of you the best. You’ll be able to compare schedules easily and quickly. And, if your chosen software has an app, you’ll be able to look up someone’s schedule at a moment’s notice.

2. Wine and Paint Night

What’s more adult-y than wine? This is a classier way to have a drink with friends than meeting up at a bar. And to add a little more pizazz, you can emulate those “Paint and Sip” classes. This activity has become pretty popular recently, so why not give it a go at home with your pals? Some activities are more fun with friends, who can help boost your mood.

All you need is some wine, some paint, and something to paint on, like a canvas or poster paper. Even if art is not your calling, this activity can be fun with friends. Try following along with a Bob Ross video if you need ideas. Plus, the wine will be sure to bring about the giggles.

3. Game Night

Monopoly, Uno, Guess Who, Clue. These games probably remind you of your childhood. Who doesn’t like a little throwback here and there? There’s a reason lots of people enjoyed board and card games as kids. They were, and still are, fun!

Bring out some of your favorite games, whether new or old. Maybe even ask your friends to bring their favorites, too. The more variety, the better. Maybe have a throwback night where you only play games from your childhood. Get creative with your ideas — the possibilities are endless.

4. Volunteer

Helping out your community is a great idea, but going with friends can make it more fun. Plus, the more help, the better for most organizations. Try to find somewhere to volunteer that caters to all of your interests. Maybe offer to help at a local food bank if food insecurity is an issue you and your friends are about. You could also try helping at an animal shelter if you love furry friends.

Volunteering is an activity that tends to be overlooked. Unfortunately, many people see it as just working for free and decide it’s not worth their time. However, this is a helpful way to give back to your community or assist someone in need. You might come to realize how good volunteering will make you feel inside too.

We have not had a miss on our neighborhood “meet downtown and serve food at the homeless shelter” event. Someone has to coordinate with the shelter for your date, and then you let everyone know. This is a big deal, and everyone loves it.

5. Marathons or Fun Races

If your group is on the active side, try going together for a fun run. There are different lengths and levels of difficulty, so there’s something out there for everyone. Some are for charity, and some are themed events. Around Halloween, some organizations throw a haunted-style run, like a haunted house, but you’re running. The faster you run, the further you get away from those creepy zombies!

This kind of exercise-related activity can be a blast for those friend groups who like to stay active. Even if not all of you are gym rats, the level of difficulty depends on which race you choose. However, there are other options for those who don’t prefer running.

Team, Family, or Friend Building Activity
Team, Family, or Friend Building Activity — Image Credit: Photo by Yan Krukov;; Thank you! 

6. Take a Workout Class

Another type of exercise-related group activity is taking a workout class with your squad. Having friends with you can help with motivation or even shyness. Sometimes it can feel weird going to a new class by yourself. Ease your comfort with your pals, and show everyone who’s boss.

From pilates to spin class to yoga, there are varying levels of difficulty in this type of exercise, too. You don’t have to go crazy hard in the gym to get a good workout. Everyone’s bodies are different, so make sure you’re signing up for a class that everyone in your group can enjoy.

Usually, your first class is free — so you can try out a few different types of exercise classes — until you find something that meets expectations for the most in your group. Send out invitations or make official appointments to make your special adult activity stick better.

7. Visit a Museum

They say knowledge is power, so why not go visit a place full of facts and cool stuff? Visiting local museums helps your community preserve its past. Learning more about where you live, and other places are equally important. Whether it’s a city museum or one with artifacts from around the world, you’re sure to learn a thing or two there.

Going with friends to a museum can also make the trip more exciting if you’re not normally a museum fan. Make an activity out of place, like finding everyone’s doppelganger in an old painting. Or, try to find your favorite piece of old pottery and compare it with everyone else’s. You could challenge your friends to split up and come back with a fact to share with the group. Think of it as a field trip where you’re aiming to expand your universe.

8. Take a Cooking Class Together With Friends

Here’s one that can inspire some fun in the kitchen. Improve your cooking skills by taking a class with your friends. Even an online cooking class is fun. You’ll be able to expand your knowledge and palette all in one. There are different themed cooking classes, too, from vegan to French food courses. You’ll be able to learn some new dishes and maybe even find a new favorite.

At the end of the course, you could even get together and each make a dish you learned in class. Think of it as the final celebration to show off your newfound skills. You and your friends can enjoy the fruits of your labor by having a delicious dinner party.

9. Try an Escape Room

This activity has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. There’s just something about solving a mystery with your friends that can be so satisfying and exciting. Some rooms have themes, like a haunted house or a Clue-style murder mystery. Whatever you’re into, there’s sure to be something up your alley.

Escape rooms are also great for improving your ability to work together as a group. Many organizations use these for team-building exercises, and it’s no wonder. To escape the room, you have to work with your team to find clues. It’s essentially a more enjoyable type of group project.

In the second week of October this year, we had a Halloween dress-up mystery dinner party. It was so much fun; we will likely make this a yearly event for friends. We invited friends, neighborhood friends, all office people, and even some clients and customers. You can send for the mysteries online (we got ours on Amazon), and we did a potluck dinner, so we weren’t overwhelmed with the food part.

Do Something Everyone Will Enjoy

In these group activities, make sure you’re picking something to do that everyone will have fun with. For example, if someone hates cooking, it’s probably not in your best interest to take a cooking class, but if most people like the activity — do it anyway. Part of finding things to do as a group is compromising. You’ll have to work together to find something that the majority of friends will like.

And, of course, make sure you’re staying up-to-date with each other’s schedules for easy planning. Now, get out there and have some fun.

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Kampus Production;; Thank you!