If we tried to look back to when the first calendars were made we would find that they have been in use for over 2,000 years.

This suggests that thousands of years ago people had already discovered patterns of time and seasons. It affected when they planted, harvested, hunted, and performed many other of the tasks necessary to their very survival.

However, the calendar we know and use today, the Gregorian calendar, first came into use around 1582. Our use of this calendar is not so very different from the ones used thousands of years ago. We use them to keep track of social events as well as appointments.

But the important role calendar play in our daily work is crucial for our businesses.

Helping us be Productive

One important role calendars play in our daily work is to help us be more productive. There are a couple of different ways calendars can help us do this.

First, using a calendar assists us with creating routine in our day. As an example, most of us rise from bed at a certain time, perform our daily rituals of grooming and breakfast, and then head off to work.

Once we arrive at work, we fall into a pattern there too. Many of us start our computers, check voicemail messages on our phones, and take a few minutes to answer emails.

It could be argued that a calendar is not necessary for us to complete those assignments. But for some, it is. Using a calendar with time slots allows some people to allocate a certain amount of their day to these activities before moving on to other less routine tasks.

A second way using a calendar helps us be more productive in our daily work is in getting items knocked off our “To Do” lists. In fact, some people use their calendars to literally schedule their lists into their day.

This method of working ensures that important jobs do not get left off the list and that everything that needs to be accomplished actually gets done. If not, left over duties may be added to the next day’s calendar list of items to do.

Helping us Prioritize

Another important role calendars plan in our daily work is in helping us to prioritize what should be done first. Without prioritizing what needs to be done each day we may run around doing things in no particular order.

But what can come of that type of chaotic work day is redoing tasks later because they were done out of order. That, in turn, affects productivity. Less of our duties get done that day when we have to do some of them over.

Helping us Stay on Task

Calendars play an important role in our daily work to help us stay on task as well as be productive and prioritize. By using them to schedule our daily work we can avoid distractions and get back on track when interrupted.

Reminding us to Take a Break

Finally, calendars are important to help us schedule time to take a break now and then. Studies have shown that people need breaks every so often in order to stay productive and get more done.

But some of us get so focused on work that we would forget to take time out if we don’t put it in the schedule. That may seem silly or too structured, but it can be necessary to our well-being and efficiency.

Clearly calendars have been used for a very long time. But they haven’t changed that much in the important role they plan in our daily work.