Some of us are born more gifted than others, but the vast majority of the labor force starts out on a more or less even playing field.  For most, success is about finding that slight edge over your competition. Productivity is key, and to be productive you need energy.

Have you ever noticed that many of the people who are in a position of power have a seemingly endless supply of energy? Well, here are a few behaviors that you can do every day to help boost energy and productivity.

Drink Some Lemon Water in The Morning

You know that old saying, “When life hands you lemons…”, well it may hold more truth than most people know. Lemons are brimming with essential vitamins like potassium, vitamin C and a healthy abundance of anti-oxidants.

Drink half a lemon mixed with water before you eat your breakfast to ensure full absorption and feel the immediate benefits. It helps flush the digestive system, rehydrates the body, and allows easier absorption of food later in the day. Make sure you dilute it with a healthy glass of water to avoid wear on your teeth!

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!

This doesn’t mean you need to go on a multi-mile run every day before work. Instead, a brisk walk to your local public transportation will release some of those happy endorphins that energize you, and put you in a good mood for the rest of the day.

Don’t stop there! Studies have found that exercising for short periods throughout the day can be even more important than exercising for one sustained period in the morning. These short periods can be as little as 5 minutes, but have been shown to not only boost your energy, but also control your food cravings and overall health.

Bring Your Own Meals and Snacks

Treating yourself once in a while is fine, but vending machines, happy hours, and that delicious greasy fried chicken sandwich all present temptations that are hard to pass up when you feel like you’ve worked hard for a few hours. It tastes delicious when you’re hungry but leaves you feeling sluggish and makes it hard to work efficiently the rest of the day. Alternatively, eating high nutrient high value food helps improve your focus and keeps you energized throughout the day. That’s why you should keep healthy snacks like nuts, fruit, and yogurt close at hand.

Healthy doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice tasty, if you have some extra time, try slicing some tomatoes with a dab of olive oil and feta cheese. Or, spread some avocado on a piece of whole grain bread, with a half teaspoon of lemon juice and some hot pepper flakes for a kick.

These meals will keep your productivity high, hunger low, and mood elevated!

Use a Better Office Chair

Most of us work desk jobs and are seated for the majority of the work day. Say you work 8 hours a day, and for 6 and a half of those you are seated. Most of us are awake for about 16 hours a day, so that means that almost 40% of your life during the week you spend sitting in a chair. There are numerous studies showing that quality chairs help form good posture, and are amazing for increasing blood flow.

Better yet, get a standing desk. You don’t need to stand all day, but alternating an hour sitting and then at least 15 minutes standing does wonders for your health and productivity.

All in all, you won’t feel these changes overnight. However, as you adopt these habits you’ll begin to notice amazing results in no time!