For pro athletes, time management is non-negotiable. To push their limits, they schedule everything from workouts to matches on their calendar. Here is how pro-athletes use their calendar for peak performance.

Most of us will never be world-class athletes. With that said, we can learn a lot from the time management skills they use to unlock their physical potential. Their commitment to self-care and self-discipline can help us reach higher in whatever way we choose.

Use Your Calendar to Be Your Best Self

So how do star athletes do it? They lean on their calendar to:

1. Get Enough Sleep

Professional athletes take their sleep very seriously. Rigorous training coupled with a demanding travel schedule really do a number on the body.

In order to recover, athletes plan out their sleep schedules meticulously. Making sure they get at least eight hours of sleep a night is crucial, and many of them even schedule a power nap on game day to make sure they’re energized.

Getting enough rest is important for everyone. It doesn’t just help your body recover from exercise; it also ensures that your mind is operating on all cylinders. Keep your brain rested, and you’ll be able to think more clearly, work harder, and manage your mood better.

2. Improve Constantly

What sets elite athletes apart from the rest of the competition is their work ethic. Innate talent only counts for so much.

In every field, it’s the hardest workers who make their way to the top. While it’s easy to get work in when you’re on the clock, what you do with your own time is what makes you great.

Pro athletes have a saying that medals are earned in the off-season and collected in the on-season. Think about your self-development the same way.

If your goal is to earn a raise at work, start with what you do off the clock. Seek out certifications. Read craft books. Dedicate time at night to networking. If you’re serious about climbing the ladder, you have to put in the time.

3. Set Goals

Working hard is important, but goals give you something specific to work toward. Unless you set goals, you may find yourself putting in a lot of effort for not much growth.Athletes always have a finish line in mind.

They then tailor their schedules in pursuit of that goal. If they want to lift a certain amount of weight, they put together a workout schedule. If they’re trying to improve their swing, they block off time to spend in the batting cage.

One doesn’t just wake up and find that they’re a pro. Set goals for yourself. Plot out training periods in your calendar to make sure you get there.

4. Eat Right

Athletes are just as concerned about what they put into their bodies as what they do with them. All that hard work and sweat isn’t sustainable unless accompanied by the right calories and nutrients.

You may not be physically exerting yourself to the same degree, but what you eat still counts for a lot. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables can reduce your cancer risk, improve your mental health, help you lose weight, and boost your energy levels.

Using your online calendar, you can create a meal plan that helps you eat healthier. When you’re eating the right foods, you’ll notice the difference in everything you do.

5. Maximize Every Minute

The schedule of a professional athlete is jam-packed. Fitting in workouts with games, public appearances, interviews, and personal time leaves little wiggle room. To make sure everything gets attention, tight scheduling is needed.

You may be feeling overwhelmed with your own responsibilities. But if you check your calendar, you’ll see all sorts of opportunities to squeeze things in. And best of all, be less stressed about getting them done.

6. Embrace Routine

Star athletes can be a superstitious bunch. But it isn’t about the lucky socks or pre-game playlist: Following routines gets them in the zone.

While you might not need to get hyped for your hobbies or job, routines help you find rhythms that increase your productivity. The right morning routine, for instance, can help you feel confident and relax before heading to work in the morning.

The toughest part about routines is starting them. Schedule them out in your calendar: Maybe you need a reminder to put down your digital devices, meditate, and hit the hay by a certain time each night.

7. Work on Your Side Gig

While this point doesn’t pertain to physical fitness, it’s another aspect of athletes’ lives worth mentioning. Pro sports can be lucrative, but participants are prone to injury and eventually have to retire.

Many professional athletes make money on the side through endorsement deals and investments. You may not have that kind of capital, but you can still schedule out time to set up new income streams. If you’ve been putting it off, look to professional athletes as motivation to get started.

You may never be a professional athlete, but you can sure work like one. Use your online calendar to put these time management tips into practice, and you’ll soon be a pro at all you do.