Try as we might, productivity can be elusive. No matter how much you love your job, there are days when the grind can be too much to bear. It’s always easier, and often more enjoyable, to relax with your favorite TV show or video game instead of finishing the day out strong. Did you know there was a way to combine the best of both worlds?

Gamification is a growing trend where you apply the aspects of game playing to other activities. The application of gamification is done in an effort to make productive activities more entertaining and rewarding. Apply the right formula and tackling your daily tasks will be easier than ever. Here’s how you can use gamification to level up your work:

Why Gamification Works

You’re probably asking yourself if gamification really works and if it does, what’s the secret behind it? It’s really no secret. Gamification has proven to be effective because it appeals to several basic human needs and desires.


At the base of it all, setting up a rewards system is what really drives the success behind gamification. Think of it like a carrot on a stick; something to urge you forward even when the going gets tough.

Gamification isn’t just a scam, however, and you can obtain the carrot at the end of the stick by setting milestones where you can reward yourself.


There’s a great sense of satisfaction that comes from making progress. Reviewing a completed project that took hours to do or looking back at a weight loss journey can be just as rewarding as any prize.

The journey you make through life can be compared to that of the world of a game — you get better as you move from point A to point B and pride yourself in how far you’ve come.


Even the most humble of people enjoy a little recognition from time to time. This particular aspect of gamification works best when putting together a strategy for consumers. By offering your customers titles and badges to show off, they’re incentivized to spend more with your business in order to rack up points in the form of friendly competition.


Last but certainly not least, gamification makes work more fun! You might recall your parents turning chores into a game or doing making “the have-to’s of life fun” with your own kids. This practice turns off the automated response that work is a burden and transforms even the most menial tasks into something exciting.

How to Implement Gamification

Ready to give gamification to try? Applying its basic principles doesn’t take very long. You don’t need to craft a complicated system in order to enjoy the benefits. A few simple additions to your lifestyle and you’ll be on your way.

Set a Rewards System

Go ahead, you’ve earned it. Or you will earn it anyway when you use gamification to increase your productivity ten-fold. Setting a rewards system is the easiest way to get gamification going. Start by identifying what motivates you the most and setting benchmarks to earn rewards.

For example, you can reward yourself with some gifts from your Amazon wish list if you meet your sales goals. Looking forward to a new pair of shoes or a set of headphones provides just enough motivation to grind through those low hours of productivity. Rewards can be in the shape of food, trips, or even how much Netflix time you’ll allow yourself at night.

Once you’ve decided what rewards to aim for, set the parameters you must meet in order to earn them. Going back to sales, for each deal you close, you can give yourself 50 points. In order to get that new pair of kicks, you need to earn 200 points before you’ll indulge yourself in a purchase.

Add Variety

Just like any good video or board game, variety adds extra incentives and flavor to keep you interested for longer. Side quests and mini-games provide added entertainment alongside the main game and increase the amount of content available to enjoy. Do the same with your personal gamification and you’ll see better long-term results.

To start, look at the balance of goals that you have set. Include some smaller goals alongside your loftier ones. For example, easy tasks such as replying to emails or refilling the printer with copy paper can be included on your task list for smaller amounts of points. These will help mix up your day and give you a little stamina boost as you input their completion.

Including activities that aren’t considered necessary will ready add some diversity to your productivity. Include personal missions to wash the dishes, get daily exercise, and pursue hobbies. Gamification doesn’t have to be strictly work-related and can help you with any facet of your life.

Track Your Progress

Good gamification requires that you track your progress. This way, you can visualize the progress you’ve made and see how far you have left to go. A record of your progress will also help you adjust the difficulty of your gamification as your productivity improves and you need an extra challenge.

You can track your progress using your Calendar or by writing it down manually. If you get really creative, you can transform a planner or poster board into some fun graphs and designs to really buy into the game aspect. Even making notes on your phone will be better than neglecting to track anything.

Speaking of your device, there are several apps dedicated to gamification that you can try out. Check your app store or search online for the different resources available to you so you can have the best tools at your disposal.

With gamification, you’ll be leveling up your daily efforts in no time. Life’s a game, after all, and if you play it right, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

Image Credit: pixabay; pexels