Having a business can often mean that there’s always tons of stuff to do. When you finish one task, another one pops up to take its place and God forbid if you ever actually fall behind or take some time off.

If you’re looking to grow your business at a steady pace while staying productive and on track, consider batching your most important tasks. Batching work is essential if you have a busy schedule. Being able to consolidate certain tasks can free up a lot more time energy.

Start taking daily and weekly tasks and batching them together to create a simple once-a-month project. Wondering how to do this exactly and where to start? Below are 7 monthly tasks to grow your business that you can batch fro simplicity.

1. Clean Your Email List + Follow Up

Growing your email list is should be a top priority since you can market directly to this audience and build your tribe. In the past, I’ve been guilty of not cleaning my email list regularly or just pushing the task off for as long as possible. This resulted in me having to pay extra money to my email service provider for subscribers that weren’t even opening my emails.

Having disengaged people on your email list also causes your open rates to drop. Set a date on your calendar each month to filter through cold email subscribers and move them off your list. You can send a few follow-up emails first to make sure they want to stay on the list. If they don’t respond, just unsubscribe them yourself.

If you feel like you want to make this a quarterly task you can do that also and just commit to following up with email subscribers every 30 days to ask new subscribers about their needs and how your business can help them.

2. Update Product Pages

Try to update your products and services pages on your website as you make changes to them so the most up-to-date information is always showing. You may even want to take some time to update your product descriptions, upload new images, and comb through reviews as well.

Feel free to outsource this to someone on your team. Just set up a recurring task in your project management system then send them the changes to make each month.

3. Create Content in Bulk

Quality content converts. Content can be one of your best marketing tools if you have a blog or social media presence. The only problem is that it takes time to draft good content and you also need to focus on the volume in which you produce it. For example, say you have a business website with a blog that you post to weekly along with a YouTube channel that you post 1-2 times per week on.

On top of that, you may also post on social media a few times per week. That’s a lot of content to produce. What’s great is that you can consolidate all of this down into a monthly task. Schedule a ‘content day’ where you can write all your content and draft up social media posts to schedule.

You can also use one week to record and shoot your video content as well. Feel like this might be too overwhelming. Set yourself up for success so you don’t overthink it. Focus on getting organized and outlining all your content ideas for an hour or two the day before.

4. Draft Social Media Posts in Bulk

The major key to success on social media is consistency. This is difficult when life isn’t consistent and you may not feel like posting all the time. The best way to ensure you remain consistent with posting on social media is to schedule out your content.

You can still be authentic in your message and even post updates in real-time as they happen. However, it’s good to have some content scheduled out throughout the month for those days when you may not feel like posting or have the time to do it. Use sites like Later and Planoly to help you schedule social media posts so you can build up a following.

5. Monitor and Tweak Facebook Ad Campaigns

If you run Facebook ads for your business or do other paid advertising, make sure you’re checking in each month to tweak your ad campaigns and measure results. As algorithms change, you may have to alter your strategy or test out new things to  improve your results.

One of the worst things you can do is let your advertising campaigns sit over time. Block out a day at least once a month or more frequently to check on things and assess your overall strategy so you can make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

6. Evaluate Monthly Expenses

This is one of the most crucial monthly tasks you can do to grow your business because you want to know where your money is going and avoid wasting revenue. Don’t wait until tax time to go through all your expenses and organize your business finances.

Take time to record your profit and loss for the month and recap your business budget. You may find that you’re spending too much extra money on services you don’t need or even use anymore. After shopping around and negotiating, you may find out that you can get a better deal elsewhere. When you know what you’re paying for each month, you’ll also be more inclined to make sure you’re using these resources and tools more intentionally each month.

7. Ask Clients and Customers For Feedback/Referrals

Don’t be a stranger when it comes to communicating with your clients and customers. Consider giving clients a monthly recap of the service you provided and any notable growth or suggestions if applicable. Ask if they have referrals or other leads for you.

Another thing you can do is send out customer satisfaction surveys each month and offer prizes or giveaways for referrals. These easy tasks can go a long way.

When you consider these 7 monthly tasks to grow your business, what once seemed like a huge and tedious job may not appear that way anymore. Focus on consolidating related work and batching up projects to once-a-month tasks instead of wasting time and energy trying to keep up with everything each day.

What are some of your favorite monthly tasks to grow your business?