It seems like time is something many of us never have enough of. Therefore, most people look for any way they can to speed up the things they do with productivity hacks.

This is true whether you work for someone else or are self-employed. But there are 12 productivity hacks to try this year that could help you get more done.

12 productivity hacks for Business Owners

1. Start the Day Before

Look at your calendar the night before so you are ready for what tomorrow will bring.

2. Establish a Pattern

Get in a morning routine. Check phone messages, scan your calendar for the day, read and respond to emails, and get your coffee so you are ready to settle down and work. Give yourself about 15 minutes or so to do these things and avoid interruptions if you can.

3. Do Urgent Tasks First

If you have an urgent project that must be done that day, do it first thing. That way you can mark it off your list and move on to other things.

4. Do Quick Things Second

When you have a couple of job duties on your list that are really quick, do them second so you can get them over with and done. It whittles down your “To do” list for the day faster.

5. Group Like Jobs

Having more than one thing on your agenda for the day that is similar can be an advantage. Group these tasks together, complete them, and you’ll have marked several things off your list for the day.

6. Turn Off Phone Notifications

If your phone is constantly chiming or vibrating from incoming messages it can be a distraction. Turn your phone on silent for a while or turn off your notifications to get more done.

7. Take Scheduled Email Breaks

Once you have gone through your emails first thing in the morning, don’t check again until at least mid-morning. Obviously you will need to check if you are waiting for a response on an urgent matter, but that is an exception to the rule.

8. Create a Good Working Environment

Having a work environment that is not too warm or too cold is important. It is also important that you have office equipment in good working order and enough space and light to work. If your environment is not good for working, fix it.

9. Rest & Eat Right

It’s not easy to work productively when you are so tired you are falling asleep at your desk. To combat this problem, get more sleep and eat the right kinds of foods.

10. Choose Projects at Random

Do you ever feel like you are bored while working or you don’t really want to do any of the tasks on your list? Number them and pull out a set of dice. Roll it and do the numbered task that matches the dice. That way you don’t put off assignments that really need to be done.

11. Block Your Day

This is like grouping like duties together but on a larger scale. Group projects together on certain days to get more done when you can.

12. Be Good Rather Than Perfect

Sometimes perfection slows you down. When something needs to be done but doesn’t have to be perfect, speed through it instead.

Having more time in your day allows you to get more out of your day. To be your most productive self, try some of these productivity hacks this year.