A few years ago, it wasn’t as popular for freelancers to publish rates on their website. In fact, there was a decent amount of advice online that suggested you should avoid listing pricing online because it limits you. While this is true if you set your prices too low, sharing the right price on your website can be good for business.

Here’s why:

Bundles are The Bomb

When people don’t understand what you do, they don’t see a need to hire you. Prospects want to know what solutions you have for the problems they’re facing. If they get to your site and can’t connect the dots themselves, you will lose out on that sale.

Service packages or bundles tie all of your solutions up and present them with a pretty bow. Listing the price along with these packages prequalifies clients for you. If a client really wants to work with you but can’t afford it, they’ll figure out their finances and circle back when they can.

My business now is primarily based on referrals, but one of my biggest regrets is not creating bundles at the beginning of my journey. Packages could have sold themselves, and it may have saved me from a lot of cold pitching.

You Detract the Cheapskates

Saying “call for details” on your site instead of publishing actual rates does give you the flexibility to ask for more money when it’s necessary.

For example, if a large corporation asks you to create a website, you’ll probably name a higher price than you would for a mom-and-pop business. The big company is going to earn more from the product you deliver, and you should be paid accordingly.

With that said, one problem with being ambiguous about rates is that there will always be people who get sticker shock when you hop on the sales call. Haggling is a waste of your time.

A solution for this is listing a baseline rate on your site as a starting point. This gives you the freedom to raise the price when you need to while keeping away people who can’t afford your minimum rate.

It Can Help You Overcome a Mental Hurdle

Something is empowering about announcing to the world how much you charge. Any freelancer or entrepreneur will tell you that mental obstacles are often the most challenging aspects of running a business. One day you feel on top of the world and the next day you feel like you’re failing at everything miserably.

Naming a price can be a fantastic mindset exercise if you’ve been scared to charge what you’re worth. You won’t be able to earn what you deserve when you’re shy about it. Speak your rate into existence.

Here is Why you Should Publish Rates on Your Site

The final decision on whether or not to list pricing on your site (and how to do so) is up to personal preference. Currently, I’ve settled on an hourly rate to share publicly, and I create tailored packages for referrals. I’m always tweaking methods of operating to see what works. If you’ve never listed packages or prices on your site, it’s something you can experiment with to see what happens.