The Calendar is your budget — don’t misunderstand this point. No matter how successful your business is, time is your most precious resource. It is important to spend your time well and it’s important to find the right app for the job you are working on.

You can also connect other apps to add context to your app. You will learn faster that way.

Some Best Calendar Apps for 2023

To find the best calendaring apps, look to find a variety of them that have been tested. Here are the findings of the tests we conducted or logged in to review. To learn more about the app we chose, clicked on it reviewed it — and we even purchased some. Continue reading to find out more about what makes a great application.

The best calendar apps

What makes a Calendar app great?

An excellent Calendar App can show you your schedule. Of course, each app can do that, but the best scheduling platforms are more than just functional. A good scheduling app will give you clarity over how you spend your time, and some are even fun to use.

  • The following features were looked at when choosing the best app:
  • Simple to use. Scheduling applications are simple to use when there is minimal menu exploration and clicking. Therefore, they should be easy to use and require little effort.
  • With intention. Is the calendar app able to accomplish what it claims? Is it able to do what you are looking for in a time-sensitive manner? While all calendars can tell you when your next appointment will be, does it deliver on its promises?
  • Powerful and customizable.  Customization options were scrutinized to make apps adapt to your preferences, even if they aren’t too feature-rich.
  • It’s easy to share. Your calendar should be shared with you. Platforms that allow you to share appointments or your entire calendar are the best. Apps that will enable sharing were mostly considered because of their nature toward productivity.
  • Apps that can be used on multiple platforms. You should be able to see your Calendar regardless of where you are and what device you use.

If you are looking for platform-specific apps, check out our Android Calendar App, iPhone Calendar App, CalendarApp, and Mac Calendar App.

The best calendar app for free

Google Calendar (Android, iOS, Web)

One popular tool is Google Calendar. It allows you to create multiple calendars from one location using your Google account and then transfer those entries to any other online agenda trackers. It can also be used with almost every other product on the market.

This can be connected to many other apps. Also, business apps or services that include appointment trackers include Calendar, Trello and Asana.

Use color-coded apps to set priorities. You can hide or show schedules to concentrate on certain types of events. Google Calendar has excellent search capabilities, as you’d expect from a company originally created to be a search engine. You can also create events from Gmail using the Google Workplace (formerly G Suite apps).

Viewing Schedules

Google Calendar can be used in an organization to allow you to view your coworkers’ schedules and your own. In addition, it’s easy to invite others to this platform. You have the option of sharing a whole daybook or adding people to an event by using the invite option.

Google Calendar doesn’t have a desktop app. But scheduling can be integrated with Android. In addition, it can connect with any other app in this list for a more appealing user interface and more robust features.

Do you want to get more from your scheduling app? Use Zapier to connect Google Calendar with your favorite apps. You can use integrated automated workflows. For example, you can create appointments with a simple spreadsheet. is an online version that you can access for free. It has fewer features and is simpler to use. offers family sharing. This allows you to add other members of your household to your account, making your daybook easily accessible to all. for Mac is not as robust as Windows, but it is a great productivity tool.

Connect Outlook with Zapier to get more power. This allows you to send appointments from your scheduler to other apps such as Outlook or your to-do lists.

Zapier allows you to add Microsoft Outlook events into your Google App.

The best app to schedule external appointments (Android, iOS, Web)

It isn’t easy to imagine a more straightforward name than But that’s not all this application has to offer. You will find everything you need to manage appointments on this site, which has a modern design and supports collaboration.

It’s more than a scheduling app. It also functions as an appointment scheduler. Sign up for, and you’ll get a public profile– You can schedule times when you are available and then let anyone who has the link can make an appointment with you. Simple and beneficial.

As of 2023, introduced a new piece to their scheduling automation software. The newest launch includes the following Team Scheduling features:

  • Round Robin Meetings. This function allows for hosts to cycle invitee meetings with other hosts. This can aid in scheduling employees for their rounds of 1-on-1 meetings much easier for everyone involved
  • Multiple Host Meetings. This update creates the space for a scheduler to make appointments with multiple hosts. It streamlines the meeting scheduling process by tracking and presenting open time slots for all of those on the meeting. This helps users avoid the back and forth communication and will create schedules that work for all. 
  • Group Meetings. An update to this function allows for multiple schedulers to choose the same meeting time. While a small business could lean into this feature to improve team communication by using it to share schedule changes or other project management updates, individuals could use it for their regular team meetings or even friend get togethers. 

Additionally, as a piece of their Scheduling Software Update, Calendar added a Meeting Poll feature, which allows for users to ask about client or employee availability prior to sending the invite. This makes the program more user friendly and efficient than ever before.


Image Credit: Olya Kobruseva; Pexels; Thank you!