The word “scared” is such a “low hanging fruit” word to use anytime — either at home or in business. However, sometimes that is the only word that can be pulled out of your vocabulary hat at the time. “Frustrated,” is a better PC word, yet gives an accurate portrayal of the emotion behind the inability to preform your business duties on demand.

When bad stuff happens to a good person like you.

Rather than use the word “scared,” another good word I would use is “overwhelmed, bad stuff going down, severe issues have just occurred, etc.” However — as far as your company work goes — no one really cares what issues are going on with you. Your work has to be completed.

You have your job to do. Your job is to do your job — and you can get it done. Try these 10 ways to work next time you are stymied by some emotion.

  • Prepare ahead of time.

    In order to have the luxury to take care of yourself — have your work scheduled out at least a week. Sometimes the time-suck will come in the form of others you have to take care of — or respond to.

    Your boss needs something extra. Someone on the team requires time, training, or input. Maybe there is the need for personal time. If you are ahead on your work, at least a week — you can take this time without hyperventilating.

    2. Time Management — equals stress management.

    Have your schedule out in writing — and follow it to the letter. When you have become really good at getting all of your work done — you can change your schedule. Until you have your work done and under your control — don’t add new projects.

    3. Have your emotional supports in place.

    This means that you have someone you can talk to about how you are feeling. You can have the worst day ever — and if you have someone who can and will hear you — you’ll handle things well. Having emotional support away from work will mean that you can handle a wider variety of stressors.

    4.  Employ stress management.

    For stress management there are three basics. Sleep right, eat right, and exercise. You can work on these one at a time until you have all three.

    To be able to insulate yourself during times of fear or frustration — you will need to be doing all three of these. If you are not doing any of the big three — sleep, eat and exercise — pick one and start today.

    5.  Family support.

    Many people don’t have the luxury of family to support them. There can be a variety of reasons for non-family support. Sometimes it’s as simple as asking for support. Other times you are overcrowded with the wrong type of support. The type of support you don’t need.

    These “wrong types” may include the “over-take your life,” family. The “always-in-your-business,  ‘intel’ to tell mom, the intel to just gossip about you with.” And of course the, “let me tell you how it should be done.” Skip those peeps. This is not what you want or need.

    6.  Find a family support worker.

    If your family support is one like the destructive types listed above, there are groups that can support you. They are called family support workers. You can even find these helps online under “family support workers.

    7.  Work on gaining higher emotional intelligence.

    Emotional intelligence is being about to control or monitor your emotions. People who have worked on this part of their personalities can also monitor another’s behavior. With higher emotional intelligence you will be able to put a name to the emotion you are feeling. You’ll also be able to understand and quickly identify what someone else is feeling.

    This higher knowledge will help you be able to guide your own behavior better and stay out of “harms” way when someone else is toxic. In this way you can better keep yourself in a calm state. According to Daniel Goleman, these are the five keys to emotional intelligence:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-regulation
  • Motivation.
  • Empathy.
  • Social skills.

    8. Expand your skillset.

    This means — get better at what you do for work. If you write — write more and get better at this skill. If you fix roads — get better at fixing the roads. If you are a manager of people — learn higher manager skills.

    As you become better at your business skillset — whatever that may be — you will become faster and more competent. This will make your job more enjoyable. You can even get better — all the time with your computer skills. Maybe you are trying to become a better entrepreneur.

    9 Eliminate distractions.

    When it is time to work — work. Get rid of distractions. Find a great spot to work if you are a freelancer and work at home. If everyone is talking — and you have not gotten your work a week ahead — stick with your work.

    Invest in some noise canceling headphones. These can be one of the best items you ever buy — to help yourself. Block it all out — especially if you are having a scared or frustrating day. Put on the headphones and stick with your work.

    10. Creativity usually trumps the actual work.

    When you are in a “scared” frustrated, or in a not-working too well mode — get creative. You can do this. Talk to yourself — be a friend to yourself. Don’t hop on the “basher” bandwagon. Don’t bash others — walk away from that. But, don’t bash or put-down yourself, either.

    Get rid of that cutting-down head-talk. Don’t preface your speech with, “this may sound weird, but….” Don’t preface when starting a meeting or when you’re giving a speech with, “this may sound strange, but…”

    Be creative in your common speaking, as well. Much better for you and your business will be, “let me tell you something fantastic.” Or, “your will love to hear this.” Or any number of words that will help you and your audience connect.

    Great harmony in your verbiage — even to yourself — will help you be able to work better. When the day, time or the situation is “off” for you speak well to yourself. “I can do this — I am crushing this. I’m working through this situation — very well.” And, in reality — you can do your work, whatever your issues may be.