We are creatures of habit. At times bad habits, done in the name of “being too busy”, cause us to lose valuable time and productivity. While we may recognize some of these bad habits or problem areas we may not always correct them.

When you’re constantly on-the-go, one problem area to concentrate on fixing is your calendar. Correcting calendar problems that eat your productivity can free up time in your schedule for both work and leisure activities.

1. Forgetting to Figure in Travel Time

One of the calendar problems that eat your productivity is forgetting to figure in travel time. Certainly travel time is needed for meetings, conferences and other events located far from where you live and work.

But at times there is even a certain amount of travel time needed for closer meetings. Even in the same building it takes time to get from one floor to another. In very large buildings traveling from one end to the other can take several minutes.

To avoid always being late, try not to schedule back to back meetings without considering travel time in between. That way you aren’t walking into meetings with red cheeks stammering your apologies after a meeting has already started.

No more restarting meetings or catching you up on what was missed either. Each of these options waste time and cause irritation for others in attendance. Meetings will be more productive for everyone with this one change.

2. Not Blocking Time for Work Projects

Another one of the calendar problems you might be guilty of is not blocking time for your work projects. Others aren’t in charge of your time, but you are.

Ensuring you have enough time to complete important work is up to you. Nobody is going to do that for you, so take charge of your time.

Block time in your schedule as if you are going to be in a meeting. This can help you complete tasks on time and with accuracy.

3. Neglecting to Review Your Calendar

Neglecting to review your calendar can eat your productivity. When you don’t plan ahead by looking ahead you start each day already behind.

For instance, not looking ahead may make you late for an early morning meeting you forgot about. Sometimes that makes you feel “off” all day long, upsetting the balance of your day and slowing you down.

Instead, get in the habit of looking ahead at your calendar at the end of each day. See what you have in store for you tomorrow so you begin the day already prepared.

4. Avoiding the Use of Calendar Tools

Do you use all of the available tools in your calendar that could improve your productivity? Sometimes you do the same things over and over and forget about advanced tools and options.

Taking a few minutes to explore what your calendar can and can’t do may pay off in bigger ways. You can reacquaint yourself with forgotten options and find new ones that save time. You may find things that allow you to automate tasks and speed up what you do.

5. Forgetting to Add Entries

Sometimes forgetting to add entries can eat your productivity. If you don’t add things to your calendar right away you can miss meetings you need to attend. This can affect your ability to complete projects and take extra time to catch up on what was missed.

Instead, always schedule items right when you need to. Most calendars have apps you can add to your phone that can help.

Most of us can’t deny having one or two bad habits. But you can correct bad habits causing calendar problems that eat your productivity and get more out of each day.