Few things are more fun than date nights. Whether you’re showing appreciation to the one, you love or are trying to make a good impression with someone you’re courting — dates deserve space on your Calendar.

But beware: Nothing ruins a date like being turned away from a restaurant that requires a reservation. And if you don’t make it to the movie theater on time, you may not get to see the first part of the film.

Being late won’t impress your date. The good news is, a little scheduling goes a long way.

Planning Your Perfect Night

When it comes to planning a night out, nothing works better than an online calendar. Use these nine tips to put together a romantic experience for your special someone:

1. Coordinate Schedules

First and foremost, you and your date need to find a time that works for both of you. This will normally involve working around employment schedules and any other clubs or activities you participate in.

Share your online calendar with your date to make deciding on a day and time simple. You can create a separate calendar with your work schedule to avoid sharing any information you’d like to keep personal for the time being.

2. Create an Itinerary

Once you’ve settled on when your date should be, it’s time to think through the “what.” Do you want to play mini-golf? Take a walk through the park? Enjoy a meal or drink out?

Especially if you have multiple activities in mind, think through the flow of the evening. For example, when will you need to leave your house? If you want to take a walk before dinner, how long should your stroll be?

You don’t want to feel rushed, but you should also avoid too much downtime. Having a plan reduces the risk of awkward errors.

3. Build the Evening Around an Event

Sporting events, grand openings, and concerts make for some of the most memorable dates. If one of these events is happening nearby, consider arranging the rest of your evening around it.

These events tend to happen sporadically, and during Covid-19, many have been canceled. Reach out in advance to make sure your event of choice is still happening. If so, ensure there are still tickets available.

4. Avoid Busy Times

Many dates involve going out to eat or visiting recreation facilities. Check-in with businesses you plan to patronize in advance: When do they tend to be busy? If you want to avoid the crowd, schedule your date activities at those times.

Here, it’s about balance. You don’t want to wait hours for a table, but you also don’t want to be the only ones in a restaurant. So find the time when you’ll get the ambiance you want.

5. Remind Your Date

It’s common courtesy to send your date a reminder that the date is still on as scheduled. Your date can get anxious or worried if you haven’t spoken since the initial commitment. So give them peace of mind with an automated calendar reminder.

If you share a calendar, all you need to do is tag your special someone in your calendar invite. If not, reach out with a call or text. Reinforce how much you’re looking forward to your evening together.

6. Record Your Favorites

No matter how well you plan them, some dates will be more successful than others. So to make future dates even better, record elements of past dates that have worked well.

When you plan a date in your online calendar, all of the details will be recorded for future reference. This allows you to look back on all of the good and bad of your past dates. You can then learn from mistakes and reuse any good ideas.

7. Update Your Budget

Most dates cost money. You shouldn’t break the bank on a first date, but it’s also a bad idea to skimp when you’re trying to impress someone.

Factor dates into your budget. Perhaps you set aside $200 per month for fun evenings out, including dates. This will stop you from overspending while still letting you have fun.

Your online calendar is more than just a time management tool. You can also use it to help you with your budget. A smart date will understand that you need to keep money in mind.

8. Think Through Transportation

To really impress your date, pick them up for the evening. Nothing makes a good impression like playing chauffeur.

Especially if you plan on picking up your date, you’ll want to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape. Nothing ruins a date quicker than car trouble. To avoid this entirely, use your online calendar for upkeep.

You can set reminders for recurring needs like oil changes and tire rotations. Then, while you’re at it, put a time on your calendar to clean out your car. A messy car doesn’t exactly make for a romantic ride.

9. Plan a Group Date

Not all dates have to be one-on-one affairs. You can have just as much fun, or even more, by organizing a group date with friends.

When planning the details of your date, make sure you communicate them to all parties involved. Give the other couple time to confirm that the time and event you choose also works with their schedule.

Each date can and should be a unique experience. You can’t prepare for everything, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Use these tips to set each date up for success, and let your charm do the rest.

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Image Credit: dmitriy ganin; pexels; thank you!