In order to be a mentally strong leader you need to understand people. You need to develop an emotional intelligence unlike anything else. No matter what hardship you or the company faces you need to be able to traverse through it.

Most leaders aren’t aware of their mental strength. This is because it’s difficult to measure at face value. One may be seen as strong from the outside but internally they have no control over their personnel. That said there are definitely characteristics that most mentally strong leaders have.

Here are six signs that you’re a mentally strong leader:

1. You Have a High Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to manage and identify your own emotions as well as those of others. This is truly the core of being a mentally strong leader. As you scale a business you will be presented with challenges every single day. If you let your emotions get the best of you in these situations it’ll only do more harm.

A mentally strong leader is able to keep their emotions in check and put the company first. In addition they are able to evaluate others and navigate the complexities of their egos.

2. You Admit Your Flaws

No leader or individual is considered perfect. That said it takes a certain type of leader to be able to admit their flaws. If you try and mask your insecurities it will eventually backfire on you. If you wear your insecurities on your sleeve then you’ll be forced to make an effort to improve and grow stronger.

3. You Welcome Criticism

Even if you’re the CEO of a Fortune 100 company I can almost guarantee there are multiple areas where you can improve. Nobody knows all the answers. As a leader you need to welcome criticism with open arms. Your staff may see decisions you’ve made in a totally different light and their voices need to be heard too.

If you let others know their voices matter they will be more motivated to work harder to improve the company as a whole.

4. You Know When to Ask For Help

A mentally strong leader knows their limitations. When you’re in charge it’s tough to step down in certain situations and ask for guidance. You may think it’ll cause your employees to lose confidence in your abilities.

Truth is, it’s quite the opposite. Your ultimate goal as a leader is to do what’s best for the company or organization as a whole. That means you need to find the individual that is the best fit for the challenge.

5. You Welcome Confrontation

Similar to criticism it’s important to not shy away from confrontations. Whether it comes from an internal or external player a mentally strong leader will welcome a healthy argument with open arms.

Holding these conversations are often uncomfortable and can get heated at times. That said these conversations are vital to helping everyone come together as a team.

6. You Are Confident Not Arrogant

There’s a fine line between confident and arrogant in business. Especially for the key players in the company. Many leaders feel that their company wouldn’t survive without them. Often times this may be true. However it doesn’t mean you should give others that impression or even worse vocalize these opinions to others.

Mentally strong leaders have confidence in their abilities and refrain from letting their ego get in the way. They recognize the worth of their team and are constantly willing to learn new things.

Final Thoughts

Every leader has the ability to develop stronger mental fortitude. If you’re able to build this muscle it’ll serve you in both business and life. That said if you exhibit any of the characteristics above, keep it up you’re well on your way to success!