Believe it or not, there are many managers who struggle with becoming a manager. One reason I find is because they have a hard time handling all of the duties a manager must constantly juggle. They get overwhelmed and shut down. Another is a lack of training.

If you are a new manager or leader who hasn’t had adequate training you may have a difficult time running meetings. This can result in your staff lacking confidence and loyalty in you.

This problem is not easily undone if you continue to publicly display your week areas through meetings that are poorly run.

To help you over this hurdle, there are 5 reasons you need an agenda for your meetings.

1. Reduces Wasted Time and Resources

As a manager, you know there are real reasons you need to hold regular and impromptu meetings. You likely have announcements to make regarding your business or problems to go over and correct.

Everyone can direct their attention to the matters at hand when an agenda is created. Attendees have a written list of what is to be achieved by the meeting. Furthermore, it allows them to bring up relevant issues.

Should anyone need to leave the meeting early, having an agenda helps them know what is going to be discussed. If they need to catch up with you later to fill in the blanks, they have a general idea of what was talked about.

Was someone late to the meeting? If so, they now know what they didn’t hear because it’s on the agenda. In addition, you don’t have to waste everyone else’s time getting them up to speed on what has already been settled.

2. Allows Other Speakers to Prepare

Having an agenda is courteous to other guests you may have included in the meeting. It can also help invited speakers prepare for when and what they will talk about.

3. Encourages Participation

With a clear outline of what is going to be talked about, employees will feel freer to participate. Include time for questions and answers about what was discussed.

Also, add a line item to the agenda for staff members to bring up issues they feel are important. When employees are valued and empowered they are more loyal and productive.

4. Keeps You on Track

Have you ever gotten off topic in a discussion? If you are like the majority of people you said yes to this question which means you need a meeting agenda.

It is far easier to stop wasting time, stay focused, and get back on track when you have the discussion items in front of you to reference.

5. Ensures Important Topics are Covered

You can cut down on the number of meetings everyone attends by ensuring all the important topics were covered. The best way to do this is through an agenda.

When you are in management, meetings are an important and necessary part of your work. Being able to run a meeting, therefore, is a must.  Get more out of your meetings by creating an agenda for the next one.