By Hunter Meine  /  May 7, 2021
By Deanna Ritchie  /  May 7, 2021
By Hunter Meine  /  May 4, 2021

Maintaining Your Mental Health and Productivity


Sunday, April 25th, 2021

Many of us struggled with our mental health and productivity when the COVID-19 completely turned the world upside. Then, during the summer, we were guilty somewhat of easing up a bit — and who could blame us? Then winter came, and COVID cases started surging again — but it appears with the vaccine roll-out, we […]

7 Ways to Build a Productive Remote Team


Friday, February 12th, 2021

Up until COVID-19, working remotely seemed like a pipe dream. But, this global pandemic leads to social distancing and stay-at-home orders that gave businesses no other choice. Because your team couldn’t come into the workplace, they had to work from home. The thing is, even before 2020, remote work was becoming increasingly popular. In 2019, […]

15 Productivity Hacks that Have Become Irrelevant (Thanks COVID)



Thursday, December 31st, 2020

As 2020, finally, has come to an end, I can’t help but reflect on how much the world has changed so quickly. For some of this has been overcoming mental health challenges and adjusting our lifestyles. Others have actually used the pandemic to finally put their priorities at the forefront, such as improving their health […]

Are You More Productive Working From Home?


Sunday, July 26th, 2020

It’s a question that mankind as tried to answer for centuries. Are you more productive working from home? Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. The concept of remote work has been around for a very long.  With the COVID-19 mess we are asking this question more and more. Ask yourself — are you more […]

Guide to Setting Up Your Home Office



Friday, June 14th, 2019

According to a study conducted by Switzerland-based serviced office provider IWG, 70 percent of professionals work remotely at least one day a week. Fifty-three percent of laborers work at least half of the week remotely. A Gallup Poll found that the number of American employees working remotely increased 43 percent in 2016, from 39 percent […]

8 Ways Freelancers Can Stay Productive When Moving

Freelancer, Productivity

Tuesday, December 18th, 2018

It’s been estimated that over 35 million Americans move each year. I was one of these people. While I’ve moved many times before, this was a little more difficult. Moving means taking care of all of the “moving fun,” like packing, purging, loading up items in a truck, unloading the truck, and unpacking. It can […]

5 Reasons Productivity Starts At Home



Friday, May 18th, 2018

To be successful at any job, whether you own it or not, is dependent on more than one thing. Earning a decent wage for what you do and being respected by others are a couple of them. Another is having a good work ethic. But one of the keys to success that is a common […]

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