No matter who you are and what you do you will experience stress at some point in your life.  Unfortunately there are people who tend to experience more stress than others.

For instance, those who choose highly demanding careers often undergo more stress than the average person. Some of those careers include air traffic controllers, emergency dispatchers, nurses, and police officers.

But in addition to job stress from difficult career paths there is also job stress brought about another way. That stress usually comes from not managing your time which can affect anyone regardless of their chosen career. In fact, it could be said that stress management and time management go hand in hand.

Feel More in Control

When you manage time wisely you feel in greater control of your time. This can make you calmer and less stressed overall as a result. Therefore, stress management and time management go hand in hand.

Waiting until the last minute to complete a work project or a task at home can cause stress. Instead, try prioritizing what you need to do at work and at home so you can complete projects more timely. This will reduce your stress levels.

Get Organized

Because stress management and time management go hand in hand getting organized can impact both. In fact, part of time management includes being organized. Using tools such as an online calendar can help.

Improve Efficiency

There are lots of ways to manage stress and time better such as improving your efficiency at work. This can be achieved through automating as many tasks and process as possible.

Another way to improve efficiency is to assess what you do. Look for work procedures that may now be redundant or unnecessary. Or, answer your emails only every couple of hours instead of in the middle of important project.

Improving efficiency and productivity allow you to get more done in less time. Managing your time better will make you more relaxed and less stressed as a result.

Become Better Prepared

Better preparation for meetings is another way stress management and time management go hand in hand. Planning ahead for meetings includes creating meeting agendas.

When you create meeting agendas it helps you stay on track throughout meetings. Getting off topic is one of the biggest time wasters that people complain about when it comes to meetings.

However, following an agenda helps you accomplish what you are meeting about in the first place. It also helps anyone else in the meeting to prepare for the topics that will be discussed.

Stop Switching Gears

Another way to manage time better and, as a result, become less stressed is to work in batches. Try to stop switching gears and changing from one task to another before projects are completed.

Instead, group similar tasks and do them one after another. This increases your speed because your mind can stop switching gears.

An example is if you are working on scheduling social media for one client try scheduling for the next client immediately after. Another idea is to sift through emails one after another, responding quickly so you can move on to other things.

Working in batches makes work go faster which, as a result, reduces your work load and stress.

Clearly, everyone has stress in their life to some degree. But stress management and time management go hand in hand. So, improve your time management and you will lower your stress levels.