Next Sunday, June 20, 2021, is Father’s Day — What activities will you choose to make this Father’s Day memorable?  For many families, Covid-19 prevented any celebrations from happening last year. Thanks to the progress made, distance will no longer separate loved ones from sharing their love and appreciation for each other.

Sometimes it can be difficult to develop an idea of what to do for Father’s Day. Never fear; this list will provide plenty of activities for you to consider adding to your online calendar for you and your dad:

1. Attend a Sporting Event

Now that Covid vaccinations are being made available, sports teams are beginning to allow fans back into their arenas. Being one of the first fans to return will be exciting, especially if you want to avoid the crowds you would normally see from a full-capacity audience.

If you don’t live near your dad’s favorite professional team and can’t swing a trip there, look at some local options. You might have just as much fun watching the local high school play or checking out the minor league team that plays close by. College sports are also big hits in their respective cities, with awesome tailgate parties and hometown spirit.

2. Host a Backyard Barbeque

What dad doesn’t like a barbeque? Even if your dad isn’t the cooking type, he won’t be able to turn down a delightful family meal prepared and enjoyed outdoors. Enjoy the day in the backyard or take the party to the park or the lake for some extra family activities.

If you’re a social family, invite another family over for dinner. You can easily share an online calendar event inviting some close family friends over for some festivities. Kids will play games together while the parents bask in the joy that is raising a family. A neighbor or an uncle that’s like a second dad also deserves celebration and recognition.

3. Plan a Family Campout

Few things will bring a family as close together as a camping trip. With cell phone signals lost, even your most tech-dependent teenager will be looking for something to do. This provides an excellent opportunity to make a wonderful family memory on Dad’s special day.

Whether Dad loves fishing, hiking, or just sitting by the campfire, a good campout has something for every father. Take kayaks to the lake, play catch in the wilderness, or listen to your dad’s best ghost stories while counting the stars together. Since Father’s Day is always on a Sunday, you can almost always make this weekend one for the mountains and woods.

4. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Even if you’ve heard the same stories over and over again, it’s nice to take a trip down memory lane with Dad every once in a while. Break out some old photo albums or home videos to look back on your family throughout the years.

When looking at old photos and videos, talk about the memories you associate with each one. Find every opportunity you can to talk about how impactful your dad has been in your life. Encourage him to share stories as well, especially the ones you haven’t heard yet. There could be a lot you don’t know about his childhood simply because you’ve never stopped to ask.

5. Organize a Spa Day

Not every Father’s Day activity has to be pumped with testosterone. A spa day for Dad will be a huge surprise and one he might want to repeat after a glorious day of pampering and relaxation.

Take Dad to get a pedicure or a deep tissue massage. He won’t believe how good he’ll feel after the trip. If all relevant businesses are closed, coordinate online calendars to take him as soon as he’s available.

For a personal touch, organize a spa day at home. Getting a foot rub while watching TV at home can be just as relaxing while on a budget.

6. Go to a Favorite Place

Is there a location that your dad loves to frequent? This could be a favorite restaurant, movie theater, or even a rollerblading rink he remembers fondly from his youth. Put together a Father’s Day bonanza at his favorite place together as a family.

Visiting this place on Father’s Day can soon become a family tradition. Years down the road, that burger joint down the road will be more than a place with good food. It will be an establishment full of memories of your family laughing and smiling together with the best dad in the world. There’s no better recurring event to have in your online calendar than that.

7. Host a Competition

Who in the family can really bake the most delicious cookies? Dad will be the judge of that. A friendly competition between Mom and the siblings will end in a delicious taste-testing for Dad as he decides the winner. Make sure you’re whipping up his favorite dish if you really want to come out on top!

If Dad wants to join in the fun, let him! Let him compete for gold in whatever competition you plan, like a backyard Bocci ball tournament or a game of Charades. Just be sure to let him win. It is his day, after all.

Experiences will almost always be more memorable than any gift you can wrap. Start planning your next productive and exciting Father’s Day and use your online calendar to make each one better than the last.

Image Credit: hannah nelson; pexels; thank you!