When the snow hits the ground, your first thought might be to continue to stay warm inside where it’s warm. But, don’t miss out on the joys of winter!

It’s January, and there are so many fun activities you can participate in outside that can provide a gratifying beginning to your 2022. So get as many fun activities on your Calendar — and make 2022 the best ever for you and your family and friends.

As long as you’re nice and bundled up, you’ll be able to enjoy these fun winter activities with the whole family. Go through this list with them and pick a few to add to your online Calendar:

1. Sledding

Once there’s enough snow buildup, find the closest hill to start a sledding course. The more you ride down the slope, the more defined your course will be. You can locate a park or other open area with hills of varying degrees to cater to all ages.

The weather is essential to consider when it comes to sledding. Too warm, and you’ll find yourself sliding on mud. Too cold, and the ground might be a little too slick and frozen for comfort. So, above all else, plan a sledding day when the wind isn’t biting at your noses too hard.

Watch the height and length of sledding hills, so that little ones don’t get hurt.

2. Skiing and Snowboarding

A step above sledding is skiing and snowboarding. To truly enjoy this winter activity, you need to make your way to a resort with groomed slopes and trails for you to enjoy.

Don’t worry if you lack the necessary equipment or transport for a day on the slopes. You can rent on-site if needed, and some resorts even provide public transportation. In addition, you can add a bus schedule to your online calendar to keep up with their transit.

3. Snowmobiling

The equipment needed for this winter activity is a lot more heavy-duty than the rest, but the enjoyment is unrivaled. You’ll be able to explore the mountains like never before and blaze across open fields at exhilarating speeds.

Renting snowmobiles, or snow machines if you prefer, is the way to go. You can test out the machines before committing to a purchase down the road. Snowmobiling is best done on a planned trip to a location where there are good trails close to rental locations.

4. Ice Skating

Nothing makes winter more romantic than ice skating. There’s just something about struggling around the ice with wonderful blades on your feet that brings out the best in couples. But, regardless of this perfect scenario for winter hand-holding, ice skating is a fun activity for the whole family as well.

You can choose to go to an indoor or outdoor skating rink. Outdoor rinks operate all year round nowadays but are more likely to be open right now.

5. Snowshoeing

For a more relaxing winter activity, give snowshoeing a try. This fashionable footwear allows you to explore the winter landscape without falling knee-deep into the snow.

If you love hiking and going on daily walks, snowshoeing is the perfect activity to add to your online calendar. You can schedule your daily walks through the winter without having to worry about wet pant legs and frozen toes.

6. Cross Country Skiing

Swap your snowshoes for a pair of skis, and your winter exploring will turn into a fast-paced calorie incinerating workout. Few outdoor activities will work up a sweat like cross country skiing, making it ideal for fitness buffs and outdoor enthusiasts.

Cross country skiing has become increasingly popular due to social distancing concerns. You can join the hype and look to veteran skiers for tips and advice on making the most of your new hobby.

7. Ice Fishing

For you anglers out there, ice fishing takes this sport to a new level. There’s no greater sense of achievement for a fisherman than hauling in a great catch from a hole bored out of a frozen lake.

Ice fishing is a unique experience that will make a great addition to your winter bucket list. Check the weather and your online Calendar for times of the year when the ice is thick enough to support your weight and equipment. We always set up a tent for warmth and cut the holes the night before. Some local places will come and cut your ice holes for you.

It’s fun to rent an ice fishing cabin, too. Look online in an area of the country you want to go see and get your experience set up now.

8. Snowball Fighting

Is there anything more classic than a snowball fight? With the ground literally covered in ammo, this is a fun way to entertain kids and adults of all ages while working up an appetite for some holiday dinner.

For maximum snow-flinging fun, schedule a day for the entire neighborhood to come together for a snowball fight. The more, the merrier! You can even scope out a playground or park with enough space for all the kids to run wild.

9. Ice Sculpting

Few people can master the art of ice sculpting. Harvesting a block of ice is hard work, and transforming it into a masterpiece is even more difficult. While you might not have much success carving your own block of ice, you can have a lot of fun admiring the work of others.

Look for winter festivals in your area that display the work of snow and ice sculptors. These festivals make for a fun trip to admire their artistic brilliance and take memorable family photos. Mark the festival days in your online Calendar, so you don’t miss this incredible experience.

10. Building Snowmen

Before the snow melts, don’t pass up an opportunity to build your very own snowman. The snow is your canvas, and while the general guidelines for snowman building are consistent, there’s a lot of room left for creativity.

You can build a traditional snowman with stick arms, a carrot nose, and a scarf around its neck. You can also add your own spin on things with spray paint or some extra eyes and limbs for the character. Use your online Calendar to plan a snowman building contest on a day where the snow won’t melt.

Or — tell your neighbors that the next time it snows, meet at your house for a snowman building contest. Snowmen are ALWAYS easier to build when the snow is the right consistency — and that is when it’s snowing. It is also warmer right when it is snowing.

Add some of these winter activities to your online Calendar, and you will replace your winter blues with holiday-type cheer.

Image Credit: Victoria Borodinova; Pexels; Thank you!