Congratulations — you just had a baby! Welcome to the New Parent Club. You’re probably already filled with excitement about all your baby’s “firsts.” No doubt you’re looking forward to the first rollover, first steps, and first words. 

At the same time, though, you’re exhausted. Your baby is eating every couple of hours like clockwork. They may not be on a sleep schedule yet. Then, there’s the random crying. It all adds up to very little shuteye for you and your partner.

It can all feel like a lot right now. Don’t worry, though. You can get a new version of your old life back with a little work. It just takes some effort — and scheduling. Remembering things when you’re tired can be tough. This is where an online calendar like Thryv Calendar, Cron Calendar, or Calendar can be extremely useful. 

Keep reading to see how a calendar you carry in your pocket can help you reclaim order in your world.

1. Dressing for the Day

Whether you have a newborn or a 3-month-old, it can be a struggle to get everyone ready for the day. After a long night of rocking a restless little one, you may prefer to stay in your PJs. Some days you can, but most days, you still need to get up and going. If you prefer to maximize every moment of cozy time, your online calendar can keep you on schedule. 

Figure out exactly how much time you need to get yourself ready in the morning. Now, add in time to dress your baby. Then, add a bit more — you never know when a diaper blowout or unexpected spit-up will happen. Once you’ve figured out how much time you need, set the daily calendar reminder. You’ll be sure to get moving in plenty of time to avoid feeling flustered.

2. Being On-Time for Appointments

Remember that lack of sleep mentioned earlier? It’s bound to make you forget more than a handful of things. That effect will linger for as long as you’re sleep-deprived. That means you’ll need frequent reminders set on your calendar and phone to be sure you don’t let anything fall through the cracks.

Pediatrician appointments are vital during your baby’s first year. Rescheduling if you miss one can be difficult. So, plug all the dates and times into your online calendar. Set notifications for the night before and the morning of the visit. That way, you’ll know how well your baby is growing and make sure they get all their vaccinations on time.

You’ll likely need reminders for yourself, too. It may be your own doctor’s appointments, lunch with a friend, or a meeting with your older child’s teacher. Whatever it is, you don’t want to miss it. Use your online calendar to schedule all your activities — and don’t forget those reminder alerts!

3. Create Signals for Workouts

When it comes to new parenthood, exercise and maintaining a healthy weight are important for everyone. You’re already grabbing meals when you can. When you add in the lack of sleep and low energy, it’s easy to put on a few pounds. You want to keep up with that baby bundle of yours once they’re mobile, though, right?

Finding the time to squeeze in exercise can be hard when you’d probably rather nap. Do your best to set yourself up for success, however. Your online calendar is a helpful tool here. Go ahead and block off some workout time on your calendar and set it to repeat daily. 

Maybe it’s a morning walk while pushing the stroller or following along with an aerobics video. You can even find floor exercises that can include your little one. The trick is choosing something you can stick with and dedicating that time slot. 

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a mom on leave following a birth or adoption, or a dad with a newborn — having a set exercise program doesn’t just keep you in shape. Keeping a daily exercise schedule is the key to good mental health, so don’t forget this important aspect of life and dealing with your new little one.

4. Self-care

When you’re new to parenting, juggling everything you must do with and for your baby can feel overwhelming. There’s so much more to think about now. Check the bathwater temperature. Grab the diaper bag before you leave. Make sure the car seat is tight and secure. 

Don’t worry if you’re feeling frazzled — it’s normal! It also means you need to find time for some self-care. After a few weeks, your baby will settle into a nap schedule. It’s tempting to spend their entire snooze time doing the same thing. Instead, use your online calendar to encourage you to do something for yourself.

You don’t need to be the same thing every day. Take two days a week for meditation or yoga in your living room. Set a reminder for a relaxing bath with aromatherapy another day. Whatever you do, include some details on your calendar so you’ll have specific plans for your daily self-pampering.

5. Getting Ready for Bed

At the end of a long day of playing and exploring, your baby will be tired. They don’t always do a great job of letting you know they’re tuckered out, however. If you’re in the middle of a giggle-filled game of “This Little Piggy,” you might forget, too. To keep your baby from getting overtired (and cranky!) set a calendar reminder to start the nighttime routine. 

After a while, the evening calendar notification will even help your baby understand that sleepy time is coming. If you can, use the melody of their favorite song as the alert. This way, you’ll start the bed-bath-story routine at the same time every night. Before you know it, your little one will be nodding off by the end of their favorite bedtime book.

6. Keep Your Own Routine 

Your baby isn’t the only one who will benefit from a nighttime routine. Yours just might look a little different. Once your munchkin is snoozing in the crib, don’t just collapse on the couch. Take some time to focus on little things around the house. 

Use your online calendar alarm as a trash night alert. This way, you won’t miss curbside pick-up. Is the 15th of the month coming up? Put in a reminder to pay the bills. Then, yes, set an alert that tells you to go to bed. It’s way too easy to get sucked into a TV show and delay sleep. Don’t do it — remember, you need as many zzz’s as you can get! 

7. Record Those Baby Milestones

While you’re using your online calendar to keep track of bath times and stories, don’t forget to record all those “firsts” mentioned earlier. Don’t count on your tired brain being able to timestamp everything. If you want more than a fleeting memory of those wobbly first steps, write it down in the calendar.

Recording the first giggle or crawl in the calendar can offer another benefit, too. When you log it in, it’s easier for you to hold on to the visual memory. Plus, one day, your child will ask when they first said “Mama” or used a spoon. That’s years from now. Let the online calendar hold on to those details. Then, all it takes is a quick search to jog your brain. 

Being a new parent can be an incredibly exciting, fun, entertaining time. It’s also filled with significant fatigue and memory loss. Don’t stress about it, though. This is a short phase of life that will go by faster than you know. 

Still, you may need help keeping track of your appointments and remembering the important things. Or, perhaps, you just need a gentle reminder about some daily tasks. Whatever it is, your online calendar can give you the nudge you need to stay on top of it all.

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Pixabay; Pexels; Thank you!