One of the hardest parts about getting more sales is having the conversation with the prospect in the first place. Sales is really a numbers game – especially when you’re just starting out. Most sales people understand the importance of this practice but few know what it takes to truly book more sales meetings on your calendar.

If you want to book more meetings it really doesn’t have to be complicated. Luckily for you, there are plenty of individuals who have paved the way for us.

Here are four strategies you can use to book more sales meetings on your calendar.

Utilize Your Network for Warm Leads

Sales is all about working smart not hard. Too many individuals think it’s good enough to simply “reach out” to fulfill their quota. With low open-rates and lower conversions this method is not the most efficient.

Introductions are a great way to utilize your network for warm leads. Our world is more connected than it’s ever been. That said, there are thousands of potential contacts sitting within your direct network of people. Ask family members, friends, and existing customers if they know someone that may benefit from your product or service. Then, have them make a brief intro via email to start off the conversation. The open rates and conversions from these leads are exponentially higher than a cold email outreach.

Write Articles for Relevant Publications

Writing content is a great way to build up your reputation in the industry. The more insight you can provide to others the more willing they will be to work with you. Make sure you choose topics and headlines that spark interest. However, you need to make sure the information you provide is both helpful and accurate.

When it comes to writing articles, quality is most definitely better than quantity. If your articles perform well enough then you may have the opportunity to write for larger publications and even have some of your posts featured.

Volunteer to Speak at Industry Conferences

In order to become a speaker you need to have a bit of credibility first. If you’re just starting out you may want to begin with writing articles. However, once you’ve got a bit of a name for yourself you should definitely look to speak at industry conferences.

When speaking, offer guidance and actionable steps people can take. If you’re able to motivate people you’ll have plenty of potential prospects rushing over to exchange information.

Host an Event

Face to face interactions are always best for engaging with potential prospects. Similar to speaking at a conference, hosting an event is also a great way to engage with potential customers.

When hosting an event you want to provide real value to the attendees. Make sure there is a theme and a very organized agenda to follow. Another strategy is to host these events every year. For example – you can host two or three events every year around the same time. The topics may change but you want to condition your attendees to anticipate the gathering each year. This way you can establish yourself as a key influencer in your industry and can expect a new batch of potential prospects in attendance each year.

Final Thoughts on How to Book More Sales Meetings

If you want to book more sales meetings on your calendar there are plenty of strategies you can take. The four listed above are a very short list of examples but have been proven to work very well. I suggest starting with one or two and go from there. You’ll be very pleased with the results.