It’s a wonderful thing to see a business you own grow and expand. Of course, along with growth there are usually new challenges to meet as well.

Try as you might it simply isn’t always within your power to fix every issue on your own. Other workers must take the initiative to resolve conflicts and work together too.

But there are some ways you can help the process along, such as allowing a job swap. In fact, job swapping can positively affect your business in more than one way.

What is Job Swapping?

A job swap is when two employees with differing job roles exchange duties for a certain period of time. Usually the employees have somewhat comparable skills so they can complete each other’s tasks.

Of course, not all employees can participate in this type of program. For instance, sales personnel may not be able to swap roles with someone in a maintenance role. However, they may be able to switch jobs with a person in a clerical role for a day.

Generally, during the swap, managers will supervise each employee in their new and unfamiliar roles. This enables them to determine the success of the swap as well as the overall performance of each employee.

How Job Swapping Can Positively Affect Your Business

Job swapping can positively affect your business in more than one way. Business owners and managers can use their time wisely to implement job swapping and improve the whole organization.

Gives Employees an Idea of How Other Workers Do Their Jobs

When different departments or employees do not see eye to eye it can cause disruptions in your business. Job swapping can positively affect your organization when employees have to walk in each other’s shoes, so to speak.

As different roles are assumed, each worker gets a taste of both the positives and negatives the other encounters daily. This can give each worker a better appreciation for the other. The result may be greater cooperation among departments and individuals.

Highlights Employees Who Can Cover Other Positions

While job swapping is not the same thing as cross-training, it can be used to identify possible candidates for it. If an employee functions well during a swap, additional training could enable them to cover that role in an absence.  It also allows greater flexibility for vacation coverage.

Another benefit is possible temporary reassignment when business volumes fluctuate resulting in more work for one area. This can help your business meet deadlines and increase profits.

Identifies Workers in the Wrong Roles

Another way job swapping can positively affect your business is by identifying workers in the wrong roles. It isn’t always easy to see the true talents of an individual when they are first hired. But later on you may see that your business could be run more efficiently if staff members were reassigned.

Once observed in another role, an employee’s previously hidden qualities may be highlighted. An employee performing particularly well in a completely different role may be a sign they are currently in the wrong position.

Recognizes Employees Ready for Management Roles

Recognizing employees who are ready for management roles is another possible outcome of job swapping. Highly motivated and skilled employees may be ripe to take on the new challenge.

Nevertheless, it isn’t always easy to spot that in the traditional roles for which they were hired. Job swapping can help you recognize their talent and knowledge and put it to the best use.

Obviously growing pains are sometimes experienced when a business enjoys success. But you can use job swapping to positively affect your business and smooth out the wrinkles made by growth. In the future your business may be even more successful because of it.