It’s 2023, people! With all the new, energy-efficient technology out, it’s easier than ever to be ecologically conscious. That doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy an electric car tomorrow, though. There are many simple ways to help conserve energy, starting in your own home. All you need to start is some scheduling software and a willingness to help the planet. Keep reading to learn some easy ways to use your calendar app that will help you be more eco-friendly and make your day easier.

Set Reminders

When it comes to being energy-efficient, it’s a good idea to use all your resources available. Having a calendar or some sort of scheduling software can be more useful in these situations than you might think. Utilizing your calendar to set reminders for energy-saving practices can help you be eco-friendly and save money at the same time.

To Adjust the Thermostat

One easy way to use less energy? Lower your home’s temperature when you’re not at home. Using central air conditioning all day to regulate the home might not be beneficial if it’s just empty all day. Even if you have pets, you can lower the temperature enough to make it comfortable, just not at full A/C.

Consequently, you can do the reverse of this during chilly months. You can turn down the heat while you’re away from home. However, make sure you’re not turning it down too low. You don’t want any frozen pipes damaging your home. Plus, it’s not fun to walk inside what feels like a fridge. Basically, keep it within reason.

If you have a smart-home system, you can simply do this with the press of a button on your phone. If not, make sure you set that reminder to go off before you’re supposed to leave the house. That way, you’ll be notified well before you’re on the road and away from the thermostat.

To Notify You about the Weather

Looking up the weekly forecast in advance is a good way to stay in-the-know. And no, not just about what you’ll be wearing that week. Knowing the weather can help you determine when you’ll need to use your heating or cooling in your home.

Keeping up with the changing temperatures can help you stay on top of what days to tamper with your thermostat. And, setting reminders to remind you about this will help you take energy efficiency one step further. It’s relaxing to feel comfortable throughout the day without having to reach for a blanket or, on the other hand, feel sweaty.

Try to set reminders for the next few days’ expected forecasts, reminding you how to adjust the thermostat accordingly. For example, if tomorrow will be hot, set a reminder to turn up the A/C a bit before bedtime. Or, if the temperature will drop, your reminder will let you know to turn off the A/C when you wake up.

To Double-Check Your Smart-Home Software

Having smart-home devices is known to help improve energy-efficiency. They can have temperature sensors to adjust the thermostat on their own. They allow you to monitor your home remotely from your phone. And they’re known to help save you money with this new technology.

However, sometimes tech can have a mind of its own. Your internet might temporarily go out, or there could be a glitch in the system. Whatever the reason, it’s not always reliable. That doesn’t mean using smart-home technology is a bad idea, though. You just need to check up on it every once in a while.

Use your calendar to send you reminders now and then to monitor your smart-home devices. Are they doing their job? Do you need to manually adjust anything? All it takes is a minute or two to check. You’ll have a better peace of mind staying in control and on top of your home’s environment.

Schedule Energy-Related Home Improvement

It’s the little things that can be easy to forget, especially when it’s related to maintaining a home. You might not remember how often you need to replace parts or have systems checked. However, this is another part of being a property owner that can be simplified by using your calendar.

Get Your Windows Checked

Windows aren’t always air-tight. When outside air gets inside, it can affect the temperature of your home. Additionally, an air leak means rainwater could get inside, doing further damage.. Whether it’s due to poor installation or an older house, you should get your windows checked for leaks regularly.

There are multiple reasons why air could be getting in through your windows. It might be as simple as the caulk seal or weatherstripping needs redoing. Or, it could be that your windows are old and need to be replaced. If replacement is necessary, make sure to get energy-efficient windows installed. These let in less of the outside temperature (and/or light) so that your home environment stays balanced.

Use your calendar to schedule regular window check-ups. Not only is this important for saving energy, but also for the maintenance of your home. This kind of service is more necessary than you might think, and it will make a big difference.

Change Your HVAC Filters

Here’s another maintenance job you probably forgot about. Did you know that your home’s furnace (HVAC) has air filters? These filters help sift through any debris, like dust or pet dander, before blowing air through your vents.

Another tidbit you might not know: these filters should be replaced about every three months. Although, environmental conditions can affect how often you need to change your filters. Living in a city with smog or air pollution, for example, might require you to replace your filters more frequently.

Filters that have gone too long without a change can actually use more energy than normal. When debris has caked up on the filter, it’s harder for the air to pass through. That means your furnace has to work harder to do its job, which can cause overheating. Luckily, these filters are pretty easy to install yourself, so make sure you set reminders on your calendar.

Install Solar Panels

Want to take your energy-efficiency a step further? Make the switch to solar energy for your home. Powering your house through the sun isn’t as scary as it sounds. In fact, it’s relatively cheap to install, and the product doesn’t require much energy to make. In other words, solar power is one of the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly forms of energy out there.

Go ahead and schedule a consultation on your calendar. It doesn’t hurt to get information and a price quote. Making the appointment is the first step in your energy-saving journey. And don’t forget to put your installation day in your calendar, too.

It’s All About Starting Small

Being energy-efficient doesn’t mean you have to reconfigure everything about your lifestyle. Making the small changes mentioned above can add up to a bigger impact than you might expect. If everyone saved just a little bit more energy, the results would be extremely beneficial to Mother Earth.

And until the new, eco-friendly technology becomes cheaper, try implementing these more-affordable solutions to help the planet. Being eco-friendly doesn’t require you to be rich. Anyone can pitch in to save this beautiful planet for generations to come. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and save the world.

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Photo by Andrea Piacquadio; Pexels; Thank you!