When you work and lead a busy life it can be difficult to keep track of everything you must do. Add a spouse and a few kids and things can sometimes get downright chaotic. One of the things many people do to stay organized under such circumstances is to use a calendar.

Of course, there are many different types of calendars. Some are large desk pads, others are small and can be kept in purses or glove compartments. But the more popular calendars in use currently are kept online through apps.

Apps can be used for work calendars and home calendars alike. But there are 4 benefits of having a master calendar for your life that encompasses both.

1. Scheduling is Easier

One of the benefits of having a master calendar for your life is that is makes scheduling everything easier. Instead of switching between a work and home calendar every time you make an appointment you can see everything in one place.

It can make you more productive and efficient both at work and at home to have a master calendar. The reason is because you can get more done when you don’t have to waste time jumping from calendar to calendar all the time.

2. You Are More Prepared

Having everything on one calendar allows you to know what is coming up for work the next day simply by glancing at your online calendar. If you have an early morning meeting scheduled you can be prepared for it rather than surprised when you get to work the next day.

But it works the other way as well. When you are at work you can keep track of personal events you may have scheduled for the evening or weekend. That way you don’t miss important functions.

3. There is Less Rescheduling

No matter what you are blocking out time for in your calendar, having both work and personal events in one place is beneficial. It can help you avoid having to reschedule things simply because you already had something scheduled but it was on the other calendar.

Rescheduling appointments and meetings is not only irritating but it wastes valuable time you could spend on more important tasks. Creating a master calendar reduces the amount of time you will need to reschedule due to conflicting events.

4. Access Your Calendar Anytime

Using an online master calendar allows you to schedule events for work or home from your phone no matter where you are at. This is a very convenient feature that can simplify your life and reduce the need to carry bulky planners with you everywhere you go.

As you can plainly see, there are multiple benefits of having a master calendar for your life. When life gets crazy busy having the ability to see everything at a glance on one master calendar is essential. If you don’t have your calendars merged together yet, perhaps you should consider it.