By Hunter Meine  /  May 4, 2021

Are You More Productive Working From Home?


Sunday, July 26th, 2020

It’s a question that mankind as tried to answer for centuries. Are you more productive working from home? Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. The concept of remote work has been around for a very long.  With the COVID-19 mess we are asking this question more and more. Ask yourself — are you more […]

Thrive in the Remote World



Friday, June 12th, 2020

Even before COVID-19 changed the world as we know it, remote work was having its moment. In fact, according to Global Workplace Analytics, “Regular work-at-home has grown 173% since 2005, 11% faster than the rest of the workforce (which grew 15%) and nearly 47x faster than the self-employed population (which grew by 4%).” Will this […]

How to Maintain Your Mental Health When Working Remotely

John Hall

Business Tips, Productivity

Tuesday, May 5th, 2020

Even before COVID-19 put remote work in the spotlight, numerous studies highlighted its benefits. For years, flexible work arrangements have been able to improve the morale and health of employees. As a consequence, they’re more productive. What’s more, for businesses, remote work can attract and retain talent and reduce the cost associated with real estate […]

Staying Focused when Working from Home


Freelancer, Productivity

Saturday, April 4th, 2020

Working from home can be pretty sweet—no long and lousy commutes. You can work around your preferred schedule. And, you don’t need to be concerned about distractions like talkative and sick co-workers. At the same time, remote working does come with its own set of challenges. I’m talking about interruptions friends, family, neighbors, and pets, […]

12 Tips for Motivating Your Remote Team


Business Tips, Freelancer

Monday, March 23rd, 2020

12 Tips for Motivating Your Remote Team

Even before COVOID-19 forced more people to work from home, there was already a surge in working from home. In fact, from 2005 – 2017, there was a 159% increase in remote work. That figure would come out to roughly 3.4% of the population. And while that’s all well and good, for both your productivity […]

Creating a Daily Schedule in the Midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic


Business Tips

Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

While we would all like it to be back to business as usual, the reality is that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed everything. With required quarantines, social distancing, and cancelled events and schools, it’s difficult to feel in control of our daily lives or the near future. Now faced with a lockdown that could […]

Guide to Setting Up Your Home Office



Friday, June 14th, 2019

According to a study conducted by Switzerland-based serviced office provider IWG, 70 percent of professionals work remotely at least one day a week. Fifty-three percent of laborers work at least half of the week remotely. A Gallup Poll found that the number of American employees working remotely increased 43 percent in 2016, from 39 percent […]

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