2020 has been an incredibly difficult year for everyone. There seem to be a few things to be thankful for, from a global pandemic to social challenges and endless political banter. However, if you look for the good the past 11 months had to offer, you’re certain to find something.

Finding things to be grateful for this year will help you start the new year on the right foot. To help you get your gratitude list started, here are 8 things you can find a reason to be grateful for in 2020:

1. Technology

This year would’ve been a lot harder without technology. Your electronics help you do so much, from keeping in touch with family to watching your favorite show to pass the time during the quarantine. Not to mention music streaming and the ability to continue to work from home during a pandemic.

While it’s certainly true that society spends too much time binge-watching TV and scrolling through social media, the positive aspects of technology are something to be very grateful for. Even during a challenging year, it made things a little more bearable.

Add your online calendar to that list of technology to be thankful for. Being able to organize your time in a snap proved to be helpful for productive quarantining and will continue to be helpful as you acclimate to a post-COVID world.

2. Modern Medicine

There’s nothing more comforting during a pandemic than knowing you live in a world with such advancements in medicine. Centuries and even just decades ago, a pandemic was much more severe and frightening because of the lack of treatment and facilities of the quality we see today.

While some individuals weren’t so lucky with COVID, research and testing have made it possible to help countless lives recover and survive the virus. Medical advancements also help with a plethora of other ailments, from seasonal allergies and pneumonia to depression and anxiety. Thank your lucky stars that you have all this available to you.

3. Loved Ones

Family, friends, pets, and coworkers. You may be realizing it now more than ever; it’s the people you love that really add flavor to your life. Even when worst comes to worst, you can be grateful for the loved ones in your life.

Take the time to reach out and share your love with those you’re grateful for. Life is short, so take every opportunity you can to thank them. Use technology to safely check-in and add some gift purchases to your holiday shopping this year.

4. Basic Amenities

A roof over your head, running water and working electricity. As much as you use them, you might be taking these amenities for granted. Imagine your life without these conveniences, and you’ll find every reason to be thankful for them.

Remember that there are people in the world without the many blessings that you enjoy each day. The next time you lay down in a soft bed or enjoy a warm bath, give thanks that you have so many wonderful things right in the walls of your home.

5. Learning and Progression

Can you imagine if you hadn’t learned anything over the course of your life? Not only is learning something new exciting, but it also helps you become a better person inside and out. Learning from mistakes helps you make better choices and shape your future to be the best possible.

Access to information is also worth mentioning. How great is it to be able to find the answer to a question, no matter how obscure, in a matter of seconds? Thanks to the internet, it’s easier to learn now more than ever. This might be a good time to look up a YouTube video on how to fix that leaky faucet of yours.

6. Natural Beauty

Take a moment to look outside your desktop screensaver. Even if you live in a crowded ceiling, peek out the window at the sky. Isn’t the beauty of nature amazing? All cheesiness aside, the fact that this is the only known planet that’s entirely habitable is something to consider.

The trees, lakes, rivers, and more are worth enjoying and preserving. Plan a hike or a camping trip in your online calendar to get your taste of the outdoors after far too many months in quarantine.

7. Your Body

Whether you’re a marathon runner or a gentle yogi, your body is something to be proud of. No two bodies are alike, and each one has unique potential. Your eyes, ears, mouth, and nose alone allow you to do so much. Add your arms, legs, and everything in between, and you’ve got a masterpiece that is your body.

It doesn’t matter if your body isn’t perfect; no one is. See what sort of hobbies you can pursue with the abilities you have. Find ways to improve your health and strengthen the body you have been blessed with.

8. Employment

While many people complain endlessly about their 9 to 5, at the end of the day, they’re thankful they have a way to pay the bills. Just ask anyone who lost hours due to COVID-19; while work might not be how you want to spend the majority of your days, the security it provides is definitely something to be thankful for.

As you clock into work, give thanks for a steady paycheck and a reliable occupation. You may even be grateful for the relationships you build with coworkers and the comfort that a routine provides. If you’re unhappy with your current situation, whether from burnout or unemployment, put in the effort to seek new opportunities.

Take a minute to add to this list on your own. You’ll be surprised what you can come up with. You’ll end the year on a good note and hit the ground running come 2021.