There has been a recent trend in the rise of virtual assistants. These assistants can be an AI system, or your assistant can be a person who often live internationally — that will help you run a more efficient life. These assistants help you stay organized through all of the craziness that comes your way each day. The best is what a virtual assistant means for your productivity.

The idea is that virtual assistants can be immediately useful in any work that does not require much domain/technical expertise or knowledge of you. Over time, VA’s will better understand you, your preferences, tendencies, and even how you talk. Understanding will allow you to give them even more tasks.

Many businesses have already begun to take advantage of virtual assistants. Others are jumping on the bandwagon, and this may be a good decision for your business. Using a virtual assistant may be especially helpful in the cases where you need help staying organized.

Some of these virtual assistants may cost a bit of money — but as you already know — it requires you quite a bit of money if you are disorganized. Be willing to put something toward your goal of an organization can be especially helpful.

Virtual assistants can support you across a variety of different tasks you might not have even thought about automating.

Your calendar.

There is a reason that nearly every executive has an assistant helping her manage the calendar. It is a time-consuming and challenging task.

Although you may not be as busy as a Fortune 500 CEO — maybe you are — and having support managing your activities and calendar can be beneficial.

A virtual assistant can help schedule your meeting times, they can delegate time in your schedule to work on essential activities, and can even make sure you have enough time for a weekly date night.

An assistant will allow you to focus less on setting everything up and more on the activities themselves.

Your network.

Success today is often linked with the people that you know. Having a strong network will open the door to new opportunities and provide you with others you can go to for help and support.

Keeping up with your network can be a challenge, though, especially as it grows, and you become busier.

Virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant can help you with the management of not only business work and appointments — but this little secret can become the pathway to success with your social calendar as well. At first, a VI can take over more simple tasks — like reminders — to keep you in touch with certain people who are your A-game people.

A great example — it is common knowledge that sending a hand-written thank-you note is meaningful. The reason so few people do it is the time and effort that it takes. A virtual assistant can send these notes to you.

Small gestures.

This seemingly small gesture can increase the impression you leave on others without much impact on your time. Think — from now on, your virtual assistant will remind you — that you are a person who wants to make others feel appreciated — with a written note.

As your virtual assistant gets to know you better, they can begin handling some of your communication, as well. They can follow up with people after meetings and reach out to old colleagues to schedule a time to catch up and so forth.

Having someone help you manage your network will not only allow you to stay in better touch with those around you — but it will open the door to new opportunities and timely conversations.

Your personal brand.

A virtual assistant can also be valuable in managing your brand.

At first, they can help you keep your bios and personal info up to date. They can also grow your social following if that is a goal that you have. Over time, as your virtual assistant begins to understand how you communicate — they can become more hands-on.

A virtual assistant can write posts for you and take care of much of your online activity. This way, you will continue to grow your brand without having to put in much of the dirty work.

Planning fun activities — or necessary activities.

Let’s say you are on a business trip and have a day in Chicago to explore. Your virtual assistant can support you everywhere along your journey. Recommending the best Chinese food — to making you aware of an expensive restaurant you wouldn’t want to miss.

Oh, did you know that one of your friends has moved to Chicago? Well, your virtual assistant knows. Maybe your virtual assistant will be finding you a nice hotel. Their research can save significant time and will allow you to enjoy your stay better.

Saving money.

The assistant will keep track of costs you have that you should keep track of for reimbursement. A reimbursement schedule could be a refund that you need a receipt for that is a per diem expense for an old flight or an extra charge on your credit card.

Although these tasks aren’t particularly tricky, keeping track of them —  with all the other expenses — can be a challenge for most people, especially in the face of all the other complicated activities going on.

Having someone to manage these expenses and reach out on your behalf — for the refunds — will be a great saver.

Other busy work and random tasks.

There is likely other work that keeps you plenty busy that you have on your plate. These tasks may include researching for a presentation, putting together slides, or data entry — and so forth. A virtual assistant can support you in many of these areas.

They can even help you find a birthday gift for your spouse or the best yoga studio in your area.

A virtual assistant can ultimately free up time — so you can do more of what you love.

Virtual assistants have been such a hot topic because of the value that they add to one’s life. You can essentially outsource much of the work on your plate that you don’t want to do anymore.

Get rid of the meaningless — yet essential tasks you have to do — will free-up time so you can do the work or activities of your choice. Your choice may be spending time with the family — or maybe you want to sit on the beach — alone — and hold an actual book in your hand.

Whatever will enrich you and help you continue with the goals you have set for yourself — a virtual assistant can help you find the extra time. To attain goals — you may require a couple of gentle reminders.

If you are not a — finding a virtual assistant guru — there are plenty of others who can help you find your new best friend.